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Wireless USB Mouse


  • Ergonomic and chic design ensures high style and usability
  • Get started quickly and enjoy portability with nano reciever
  • Fine-tune to your preferences with adjustable DPI settings
  • Save energy and batteries with in-built power switch

Wireless USB Mouse

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Experience more with a contemporary mouse design

Experience more with a contemporary mouse design
Samsung’s stylish SM3PWPB Mouse, with its eye-catching designer look and high-calibre performance, is ready to transform your expectations in navigation. It has been designed to deliver an effortless and intuitive experience. Its ergonomic design, which features a compact size that fits perfectly in the hand, ensures that navigating your PC screen is a truly comfortable. Add to this the stylish design, with its modern two-tone finish, and you have a mouse that is an absolute pleasure to use.

Enjoy faster start up with Plug and Play

Enjoy faster start up with Plug and Play
Enjoy the extra freedom you get from Samsung’s sleek SM3PWPB Mouse, which features wireless technology via the convenient mini-nano receiver. With the innovative storage space inside the actual mouse, loosing, forgetting or even remembering your receiver is no longer a problem. Simply push on the storage panel on the mouse and the receiver will pop out. Then all you need to do is plug it in and, with the help of Samsung’s ingenious ‘Plug and Play’ feature, you can be navigating within seconds.

Choose your DPI for optimised control

Choose your DPI for optimised control
Samsung’s adjustable DPI settings mean that you can now tailor your mouse to match your specific requirements. With a range of 800 to 1600 DPI (dots per inch), users can eliminate annoying effects such as jerky and stop-and-start cursor movements. This is ideal for all sorts of users, from gamers who enjoy very fast and precise controls to your everyday browser whose needs a far less demanding.

Save energy, money and hassle with power-save

Save energy, money and hassle with power-save
Cut back on the amount wasted energy you use with the new power-saving switch on the Samsung SM3PWPB Mouse. Found on the bottom of the mouse, this power switch lets you conserve energy when not using your mouse. This helps batteries last longer and saves you the hassle of purchasing new batteries. To restart your mouse, simply switch it back on and you’re ready to go.


Physical Specification

  • Dimension (WxDxH)
    101 x 59 x 33.4mm

Input Device

  • Mouse
    Connection Type
    Wireless type
    Tracking Method
    Buttons 5
    800 / 1600dpi


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