SF-D560RA - Black


  • SAMSUNG laser multifunction print cartridges offer great quality and excellent performance for affordable, professional-quality printing
  • This cartridge has a new advanced toner, which makes it easy-to-use
  • The high-capacity toner also decreases the cost per print and increases productivity

SF-D560RA - Black

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NO NOIS™ technology says it all: no noise. Far quieter than its competitors, this machine registers at 48 decibels for colour printing. No more distractions as the printer rattles on in the background. Imagine a home or office environment where the printer tasks as it work gets done. Thanks to its innovative technology, mini-noise equals NO NOIS™.

easy toner change

SAMSUNG printer cartridges are easy to change by following 3 steps.
1. Open the front cabinet.
2. Change cartridges.
3. Close cabinet.

security label

All SAMSUNG supplies carry a colour changing security label to prove they are original products.
1. When the label is tilted, the colour changes from clear to cyan.
2. The embossed characters change colour between red gold and blue when viewed from different angles.
3. Verification of the embossed character is possible by feeling the texture.

automatic toner monitoring system

Notifies customers when the toner is low or out, giving them worry-free control over printing.

genuine quality

Original supplies enable consistent printing without reliability problems. SAMSUNG original supplies guarantee high quality pages without quality defects.



  • Overview & Features

    SAMSUNG laser multifunction print cartridge offer a great quality and excellent performance for an affordable, professional quality document printing. The cartridge also have a new advanced toner, ease-for-use and smart technology. This high-capacity toner decrease cost per print and increase productivity.
  • Package Dimensions (W x D x H)

    12.8'' x 4.33'' x 6.73''
  • Approximate Yield

    3000 standard pages
  • Print Technology

  • Master Package Dimensions (W x D x H)

    4 EA: 357.89 x 344.93 x 249.94mm (14.09'' x 13.58'' x 9.84'')
    8 EA: 672.08 x 356.11 x 279.91mm (26.46'' x 14.02'' x 11.02'')
  • Print Cartridge Color

  • Compatibility

    SF-560R, SF-565PR

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