AC071FBLDEH 7.1KW Slim Duct Air Conditioner


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AC071FBLDEH 7.1KW Slim Duct Air Conditioner


  • The Samsung Slim Duct air conditioner’s compact and practical design means installation is possible in a range of convenient spaces and positions

Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain
The Slim Duct is designed to allow easy access for maintenance. By simply opening the bottom panel of the unit, users can access parts easily, reducing the downtime period dedicated to servicing, and minimising the financial impact on your business.

Slim Design

Slim Design
Only 199mm thick, the Slim Duct can be concealed almost anywhere. The slimmest Samsung model is more than 20mm thinner than its two most similar models. Its slender design is not only highly elegant, it makes installation, maintenance and repair quick and easy, rendering it more suitable and effective to a wider range of businesses.
Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation

Thanks to the option to set up the air inlet on either the bottom or rear of the unit, the Slim Duct can be customised to suit any business environment. This flexibility in installation means it can be configured to suit almost any room and is easily concealed behind ceilings, allowing it to blend in while providing an enhanced airflow to the surrounding space.

Easier Drain Pump Installation

Easier Drain Pump Installation
Users are now able to introduce a new drain pump from the side, meaning there is no longer any need to remove the top cover. By shifting the right side panel, the pump can easily be installed, checked or repaired, saving businesses time and money.
Anti-Virus Filter

Anti-Virus Filter

The anti-virus filter lets businesses and their users benefit from cleaner air in their premises. This feature is specifically designed to extract dust particles and to minimise the spread of mould and harmful bacteria. This generates a more comfortable and safe environment for business users.
Easy Filter Cleaning

Easy Filter Cleaning

An automatic indicator signals when the filter is due for cleaning after 1000 hours of operation. The duct design system means this is an extremely simple process which reduces maintenance time and the subsequent financial impact on businesses.
Smart Pressure Control

Smart Pressure Control

Whatever the environment, our Smart Pressure Control System supplies users with consistent cooling and heating power. External Static Pressure (ESP) adjusts the unit's fan speed so that your ideal ambience is achieved with a quieter, more efficient operation.
Optional High Lift-Up Drain Pump

Optional High Lift-Up Drain Pump

Samsung ducted air conditioning technology includes the option of a high lift-up drain pump. This lifts condensed water up to 750mm compared with previous 700mm limits. As a result, this system is more convenient because it allows users to be more flexible in terms of where they install the unit.

tech specs

Dimension of AC071FBLDEH/EU

  • Type

    Slim Duct

  • Indoor Unit


  • Outdoor Unit


  • Mode


  • Capacity
    Cooling (Min / Std / Max) [kW]

    2.2 / 7.1 / 8

    Cooling (Min / Std / Max) [Btu/h]

    7500 / 24200 / 27300

    Heating (Min / Std / Max) [kW]

    1.9 / 8 / 9

    Heating (Min / Std / Max) [Btu/h]

    6500 / 27300 / 30700

  • Power
    Power Input Cooling (Min / Std / Max)

    0.35 / 2.21 / 4

    Power Input Heating (Min / Std / Max)

    0.35 / 2.32 / 4

    Current Input Cooling (Min / Std / Max)

    2 / 10.5 / 21

    Current Input Heating (Min / Std / Max)

    2 / 10.5 / 21


    20.3 (MCA)



  • Energy Efficiency
    EER (Nominal Cooling)


    COP (Nominal Heating)


    Energy GradeⅠ

    SEER 5.4 (A)

    Energy GradeⅡ

    SCOP 3.6 (A)

  • Piping Connections
    Liquid Pipe [mm]


    Liquid Pipe [inch]


    Gas Pipe [mm]


    Gas Pipe [inch]


    Installation Limitation [Max. Length (Outdoor to indoor)]

    50 (55)

    Installation Limitation [Max. Height (Between ID/OD)]

    30 (30)

  • Field Wiring
    Power Source Wire


    Transmission Cable

    0.75 ~ 1.25

  • Refrigerant


    Factory Charging


  • Power Supply

    1, 2, 220 - 240, 50

  • Fan

    Turbo Fan / BLDC

    Number of Unit


    Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [CMM]

    19 / 17 / 15

    Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [l/s]

    316.67 / 283.33 / 250

    External Static Pressure (Min / Std / Max) [mmAq]

    0 / 2.5 / 4

    External Static Pressure (Min / Std / Max) [Pa]

    0 / 24.52 / 39.23

  • Drain
    Drain Pipe

    VP25 (OD 32,ID 25)

  • Sound
    Sound Pressure (High / Mid / Low)

    36 / 34 / 32

  • External dimension
    Net Weight


    Shipping Weight


    Net Dimensions (W x H x D)

    1100 x 199 x 600mm

    Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)

    1350 x 280 x 710mm

  • Additional Accessories
    Drain Pump


  • Power Supply

    1, 2, 220 - 240, 50

  • Compressor

    Twin BLDC Rotary





    Oil (Type)


    Oil (Initial Charge)


  • Fan
    Air Flow Rate (Cooling) [CMM]


    Air Flow Rate (Cooling) [l/s]


  • Sound
    Sound Pressure ( Colling / Heating )

    49 / 51

  • External dimension
    Net Weight


    Shipping Weight


    Net Dimensions (W x H x D)

    880 x 798 x 310mm

    Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)

    1023 x 891 x 413mm

  • Operating Temp. Range

    -15 ~ 50°C


    -20 ~ 24°C


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14 Nov, 2013

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