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  • Four college students gather with their Samsung tablets to discuss a group project. Four college students gather with their Samsung tablets to discuss a group project.


    Higher education must prepare students not only for the technological demands of the workplace, but also digital citizenship in an increasingly connected world.


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A professor lectures beside a Magic Interactive White Board, while students interact with the presentation materials on their tablets.
Real-time interaction
Using the MagicIWB (Interactive White Board), professors can capture lecture notes on the classroom e-board and share them to each student’s tablet. Students can then take notes directly on the materials used in class. Presenters can use the MagicIWB’s simple gestures to present PowerPoint, videos and more. MagicIWB is the solution of choice to achieve a truly “flipped classroom” and enhance the student experience.
A student uses a tablet to video chat and discuss coursework with another student.
Flexible learning environment
Students can easily access and interact with materials whilst in their student accommodation. When working on group projects, they don’t have to be in the same place to complete their assignments. Through the use of Samsung’s mobile and display technologies, a collaborative and flexible learning environment enhances the student experience.
Two students pause to read the course schedule displayed via the SMART signage panels on the wall.
Easy scheduling
Samsung’s high-impact, slim-form-factor SMART Signage helps deliver content more easily. Staff members can update information remotely whenever classrooms or schedules have been changed.


University of East London
The Manchester College Enhancing Teaching with Cloud Displays

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