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    EducationPrimary and Secondary Education

    Samsung Interactive Displays are designed to encourage in-class collaboration and captivate every kind of student.


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Interactive displays for primary education
Some primary school children may be shy about sharing their work, or may find it difficult to understand new ideas and concepts. Samsung’s Interactive Displays help teachers build children’s confidence – connecting to pupils’ tablets via Wi-Fi so they can follow what they’re seeing on the large screen and showcase their work in a new, exciting way.

Our Interactive Displays are compatible with learning software from companies including Educational App Store, RM Easiteach and Coding Kingdoms, so teachers can build creative lessons around skills such as maths and computer coding.

Software providers like Educational App Store feature fun learning applications like DoodleMaths, which teaches children key concepts through entertaining and engaging number tasks.

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Interactive displays for secondary education
We understand that secondary school education presents unique challenges. Maintaining teenagers’ interest in complex subjects can be tough, so our Interactive Displays are designed to aid learning and support teachers in creating a calm and controlled environment where students are captivated by on-screen content.

Samsung’s Interactive Displays are ideal for teaching key secondary school subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths. They work with software that provides examples and challenges around how these core subjects are used in industries which students can pursue careers in.

Design Engineer Construct (DEC) is an engaging learning programme created specifically for secondary school students and brought to life through our Interactive Displays. It’s been expertly designed to help pupils understand and develop a career in the construction and engineering industries through project-based tasks that require students to apply their science, technology, engineering and maths knowledge.

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Order now for a free 5 year extended warranty
For a limited time, we’re offering an additional 2 years on top of the standard 3-year warranty on all of our Interactive Displays. Simply fill out a registration form within 60 days of purchase and wait for your email confirming 5 years of Samsung protection - it’s as simple as that. Find out more
A route to better results and improved performance
Above all, Samsung provides easy-to-use technology that makes teachers’ lives easier and helps captivate even the most easily distracted students. That in turn can lead to higher achievement and better results all round.

In short, Samsung Interactive Displays help create an altogether more immersive, rewarding educational experience for teachers and students alike. And that means more good days at school for everyone.


Bolsover School uses Samsung E-Boards to enhance learning through technology in the classroom.
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