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    Samsung technology is helping UK hospitals do more, be more effective and improve the patient experience


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Improving patient care with digital remedies
Samsung technology is helping UK hospitals do more, be more effective and improve the patient experience.

• Clinicians in a connected hospital have instant access to patient information through screens, mobiles and tablets.
• This move to a paperless system means the speed of care is improved and the risk of infections, such as Sepsis, is vastly reduced.
• Patients are better informed too and given a clearer view on their treatments from the moment they check in, right through until they’re discharged.
Rething Patient Experience
Rethinking the patient experience
As soon as they arrive in a connected hospital, patients will notice the difference – electronic signage shows them how to get around and they can even check themselves in with a few simple taps of a tablet.

Patients can easily see their results and treatment schedule on devices. On the ward, clinicians can also use screens to update their patients so they have a better understanding of their condition, creating a much better relationship between clinician and patient.

The patients themselves can use the technology to contact loved ones and friends, making their stay much more personal and comfortable.
Smarter Patient Monitoring
Smarter patient monitoring
When clinicians are using tablets and mobiles, accurate observations can be taken and recorded in a much more efficient way. Real-time observations can be logged instantly, meaning trends and patterns are spotted much quicker. When clinicians have access to records there’s no need for patients to repeat their medical history every time.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital are already seeing the benefits of a connected, digital hospital and have saved between 50-60 lives. Click here to watch the case study

Samsung technology can also increase patient safety. Mobile devices and wearables can be used so clinicians can track where their patients are and monitor their vital signs. They can be located and immediate assistance provided, if necessary.
Bed Management
Bed management
When prescriptions are dispensed electronically, medication is ready as soon as the patient is discharged. This means patients aren’t stuck in hospital waiting to leave and the beds can quickly be made available for the next patient.