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    Wi-Fi network and internal Wi-Fi handsets give your guests a better experience in your hotel. Great stays mean More Good Days.
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Samsung gives your guests more good stays
Samsung gives your guests more good stays
We believe in giving your guests a great experience with a Samsung Wi-Fi network and seamless Wi-Fi connection. Plans can be made and booked effortlessly, movies can be streamed without buffering, and they’ll be able to connect with loved ones and colleagues instantly.

After all, the better your guests’ experience, the more likely they are to enjoy their visit and post a great review online.
Good days for guests
Good days for guests
Our solutions are designed to provide good days for guests with fast, uninterrupted wireless coverage throughout your hotel – from guests’ rooms to the restaurant, lobby and even the pool area.

With in-room tablets, guests will have the freedom to book excursions, spa treatments and make restaurant reservations, from the comfort of their room. They can even control the temperature and lighting.
Good days for staff
Good days for staff
The latest technology can transform your team’s mobile devices to work as internal Wi-Fi handsets. That way your staff can be front-of-house wherever they are – meaning they’re always on hand to provide a seamless level of service.

This mobile network can even add an extra level of speed to room service as the nearest team member can see to a guest’s request directly instead of being sent from the front desk.
And more good days
And more good days for business
Business guests can also enjoy a seamless day at work with dedicated conference rooms equipped with all the facilities they’ll need, plus wireless printing and a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the hotel.

And when great experiences lead to great customer reviews, you’ll receive higher star ratings and more bookings. That’s why installing a Samsung Wi-Fi Network doesn’t just make sense, it makes business sense.

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