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    See how Samsung can help you engage customers by providing a seamless and personalised in-store experience.


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  • Enhance Customer Engagement

    Enhance Customer Engagement

    Let shoppers engage in their own ways

    Create phenomenal and emotional customer excitement using digital technology. Provide shopping assistance and a wider arrange of product experiences. Provide enriched product/service information. Gather feedback on every aspect of the customer shopping experience.

    will purchase more, with personalised subscription programs1

    1Accenture, The Secrets of Seamless Retailing Success (2014)
    A shopper is checking shopping information on an interactive kiosk.
    Getting the Attention of Shoppers
    Outside stores, shoppers can check operating hours, floor maps and on-going special promotions at interactive kiosks to plan their shopping.

    Using the kiosks, shoppers can search for their favourite stores and even check the shortest routes from their current location to the store of their choice.
    A customer is browsing the clothing at a store with a large digital display prominently being shown.
    Engaging Shoppers with Digital Solutions
    Retailers can engage customers right from the moment they enter the store. At the entrance, customers can be greeted with a visually pleasing digital display flashing on-going hot deals and promotions.

    To engage customers as they are browsing the aisles, retailers can feature product information via tablets placed on shelves.

    Customers can compare the prices and detailed offers of in-store promotions to product information and reviews online using their mobile device.
    A customer is making a payment using a mobile POS device.
    Simple & Quick Payments
    Retailers can equip sales staff with mobile POS devices to speed up the payment process. Customers who are finished shopping can check out and make payments anywhere in the store where there is a salesperson, instead of having to line up to pay at cash registers.
  • Personalise the In-Store Experience

    Personalise the In-Store Experience

    Expand personalization from online to offline

    Provide personalized shopping guides and offers for each customer. Expand online personalization to offline stores for a consistent user experience. Provide highly relevant information in terms of: What a customer might be interested in based on their shopping history, Which offers can be given at that moment or at that place.

    who enjoy a great in-store experience are likely to return1

    1Samsung, A New Way to Engage with Shoppers (2013)
    A shopper is at a grocery store pushing a cart with a tablet in the front basket displaying section-specific customized promotions.
    Customized Promotions
    The first step to providing personalized in-store experiences for customers is providing free Wi-Fi in-store so that customers can easily access the store app on their mobile device. Based on the customer's purchase history and personal profile, retailers can push customized promotions and hot deals.
    Two shoppers are enjoying using a smart kiosk outside a store.
    Smart Kiosks
    Smart Kiosks equipped with facial recognition technology can provide customers with personalized offers just based on their appearance. They automatically recognize when a customer is approaching, and when a customer is standing before one, it recognizes the age and gender of the customer to present adverts and promotional offers targeted at the customer's demographic.
    A customer is using the interactive display in a fitting room to see what other products match well with the items he is trying on.
    Interactive Fitting Rooms
    Retailers can equip fittings rooms with interactive displays to make trying on products more convenient and entertaining. Using the interactive display, customers can see what other items match well with their selections and request for a sales associate to bring items in a different color or size without having to call out for them. Sales associates can receive notifications on their mobile device and bring the requested items immediately, ensuring quick and easy assistance.
    A customer is receiving a location-based discount coupon on her smartphone.
    Location-Based Promotions
    With beacon technology, retailers can push different promotional offers to different people based on their personal interests and location.

    If a customer approaches a certain section of the store where a beacon is installed, the retailer can push location-based discount coupons related to that section to the customer's mobile device that are tailored to the customer's purchase history and personal interests.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    Achieve Operational Excellence

    Enhance store operations to meet the needs of shoppers

    Provide on-time deliveries with short lead times and customized packing. Improve inventory management and forecast accuracy to avoid out-of-stock situations. Empower store employees to carry out efficient store operations by supporting them with technology.

    value convenient scheduling more than speed of delivery1

    1Accenture, The Secrets of Seamless Retailing Success (2014)
    An employee has received a notification on his tablet that an item needs to be re-stocked and is checking the backstock inventory.
    Automated Inventory Management
    Instead of having to check product stock manually, employees can be alerted automatically when a product is out of stock via notification on their smartphone or tablet.

    Using their mobile device, employees can also find the most optimal route to the warehouse, and quickly find where the refill stock is located in the warehouse.
    A smartphone with a tracking label on its screen is laying on top of a box with the same tracking label.
    Real-time Package Tracking
    Packaging managers can increase efficiency in operations by using their mobile device to manage the entire delivery process. They can receive automated alerts when orders have been made, check packaging options, and find the most optimal routes to warehouses.

    They can also increase customer satisfaction by updating customers with real-time delivery status information via notifications to customers' mobile devices and updates to the website with expected delivery dates.
    A store manager is monitoring sales floor conditions using a tablet.
    Optimizing Store Resources
    Store managers can easily manage staff by using a tablet to monitor and track which employees have clocked in or out with their mobile devices. This can ensure that there are always enough sales associates on the floor to provide customer service to shoppers.

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