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The Smart Way to Engage Schoolkids

Gyeseong Elementary has incorporated the Samsung School solution into its classrooms with excellent results, allowing a new generation of pupils to learn more interactively with GALAXY Tabs and innovative E-Board technology.


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Seoul, Republic of Korea


Customer Profile
Staff : 125
Students : 720
Smart School
A mobile learning solution that leverages Samsung tablet PCs and e-board for an interactive multimedia classroom environment

GALAXY Tab 10.1
Business Solution
• A more efficient classroom environment by connecting the E-Board and Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices
• Greater student engagement by remotely controlling the students’ devices
• Multiple functionalities such as sharing study resources via learning management system
• Interesting learning environment for mobile-savvy students
• Continued learning outside the classroom through access to multiple resources
• Seamless integration of devices, content and solution for a smart learning environment

Gyeseong Elementary found a need for adopting smart technology to create an interesting and engaging learning environment for tech-savvy kids.
• Interactive multimedia classroom with GALAXY Tab 10.1 devices and a 65-inch E-Board
• Improved the concentration of students by controlling their devices remotely
• Multiple learning management features such as resource-sharing on the bulletin board

Smart School is a mobile learning solution that leverages Samsung's smart devices and E-Board for an interactive multimedia classroom environment. With the Classroom Management (CRM) functionality, the teacher can send whatever is on the board to the students' GALAXY Tabs and monitor their devices. The Mobile Learning Management System (m-LMS) provides multiple learning features such as resource-sharing and assignment management.

"We now have an interesting learning environment for tech-savvy kids and can help students on different levels using classroom and independent learning activities. I hope other schools will also adopt Smart School for maximum learning efficiency."

— Sunok Namgung Principal, Gyeseong Elementary.
• Efficient learning with improved concentration of students
• Active communication through Q&A via GALAXY Tab devices
• Resource-sharing, Q&A, quizzes, surveys, assignment submission, student assessment supported via GALAXY Tab

With Samsung Smart School, the teacher is better equipped to help improve the concentration and performance of students and control their devices for better student engagement. The students can download resources for independent study after school and take tests online.

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