Mobile security made for the places people really work.

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How can your business work more effectively without compromising security? The answer is Samsung Knox. Welcome to easy-to-manage defence-grade security, customised for your company.

Defence-grade security for
an open world

Humans will be humans. Naturally they’ll lose a work phone or two, and use them in places you don’t want them to. But that’s okay. People want to be people. They like what they like, do what they do, and get a little carried away sometimes.
That’s why we’ve built Samsung Knox, mobile security from the chip up, now trusted by many governments worldwide, made for the way people really work. Because why attempt to change your employees’ behavior, when you can simply change their mobile security?
Samsung Knox. Defence-grade security for an open world.

Knox Technology

Trusted by governments and corporations around the world Samsung Knox delivers defence-grade security to safeguard your business.

Samsung Knox brings multi-layered defence-grade security to your business’s smartphones and tablets.
It’s built into the hardware and software, and performs multiple checks to ensure that your device is running as it should.
Real-time monitoring and protection makes it virtually impossible for any unauthorised access to your phone’s data.

*Knox Container is optional.
**TIMA is TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture.

You can simply and securely enrol Samsung Knox devices into your business over the air via your Enterprise Mobile Management system. IT admins can manage a fleet of devices remotely without accessing any personal data, so they can be used for business and personal use.

knox certification

*Samsung Knox has been trusted by many governments around the world.
*Samsung Knox received the most "Strong" ratings of any mobile security platform in Gartner report "Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms" (April 6, 2016).

Knox Solutions

Here’s how Samsung Knox can create more good days for your business:

Knox Workspace
Knox Workspace

Keep work data and personal data completely separate

Dedicated work container keeps personal and professional data separate, isolating work applications and files from personal content. Work data is separately encrypted and secured, but IT admins are unable to access anything outside of your work container.

Knox Premium
Knox Premium

Cloud-based device management and monitoring

IT admins can manage your fleet of phones easily using your cloud-based Enterprise Mobile Management system

Knox Configure
Knox Configure

Configure bulk phones and tablets quickly and easily over the air

Businesses can remotely configure a large number of Samsung devices and tailor them to specific business needs.

Knox Mobile Enrollment
Knox Mobile Enrollment

Enrol bulk phones into your business with minimal fuss

Bulk phones and tablets can be automatically enrolled into EMM for your business fast and securely over the air.

Knox Customisation SDK
Knox Customisation SDK

Customise devices to suit your business needs

Our software development kit provides access to over 1000 application program interfaces, giving you the freedom and flexibility to customise devices to best suit your business.

Knox Enabled
Knox Enabled

Added security for Android apps

Safeguard individual apps and all of the data they contain by isolating them in an invisible container separate from the rest of the device.

*Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment solutions availability may vary by country. Please find more details on the

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