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White Paper Samsung KNOX™ Value Propostion in the BYOD/COPE Market

A successful BYOD or COPE program requires a strong, secure, yet flexible device security architecture.

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White Paper Samsung KNOX™ User Guide: Enterprise Edition

Samsung KNOX™ protects private and confidential information on Android devices. It is the perfect choice for employees and businesses.

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White Paper Samsung KNOX™ Overview

Samsung KNOX™ is an Android-based mobile solution designed specifically to satisfy enterprise requirements.

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White Paper Samsung KNOX™ 2.0 Overview

Samsung KNOX™ 2.0 is the next-generation of the secured Android platform introduced by Samsung in 2013.

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White Paper Samsung Display Solutions for Transportation

Deliver a convenient and informative travel experience with relevant content on highly reliable displays.

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Brochure Business powered by Samsung Galaxy S5

Optimise work efficiency and security while ensuring business continuity with Samsung GALAXY S5®.

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Article The road to ultimate productivity

Too much to do? Looming deadlines? If you're feeling overworked but not getting anything done, science has the answer. Research has identified the least-productive behaviours and the biggest distractions.

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Article 10 secrets of highly productive companies

Some companies just seem to get it done, but it’s not voodoo. We’ll have a look at what makes the difference between productive winners and less-efficient also-rans.

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