Gulliver MDC Mobile Data Collection

Gulliver MDC Mobile Data Collection (MDC) is an innovative web-based client/server solution that enables businesses to create data collection applications quickly and easily. Using their mobile devices, professionals can aggregate information independently without the expense and trouble of relying on external software providers. The package is easy to install, user-friendly and flexible. It increases productivity by making it possible to continue to work offline. MDC has a proven record of high performance in a variety of different sectors thanks to its wide range of convenient features and functions.


• Makes it easy to create and manage mobile applications
• Sends receives data in real-time
• Runs applications and gathers data even when offline
Optimised Mobile Data Collection

Optimized Mobile Data Collection

Gulliver MDC Mobile Data Collection sends and receives information in real time, allowing businesses to function smoothly. It enables integration with legacy systems, making it easy to improve efficiency and productivity without needing to invest in costly new systems. By gathering material from the Internet or through GPS-based location tracking tools, the software runs applications and mines information, even when offline. A variety of search methods helps organizations gather as much accurate and optimized data as possible from anywhere in the world.

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