Micro Strategy Mobile BI

MicroStrategy Mobile BI lets users make faster, more informed decisions in any location and at any time. It creates a business environment that enables professionals to share and transform raw data into intuitive, real-time dashboards and reports for greater analytical insight. Efficient, convenient and easy to use, the tool draws on gathering, monitoring and reporting on information to enhance your business performance. By helping to improve decision-making processes, the compact MicroStrategy Mobile BI application boosts productivity, bringing a PC-style level of intelligence to your smartphone or tablet.


• Gain business insight through sophisticated analysis of data
• Facilitate in-house communication and improves work productivity with efficient information sharing
• Make informed decisions in a timely manner through real-time data analysis
Real Business Insights for Increased Productivity

Real Business Insights for Increased Productivity

The MicroStrategy Mobile BI solution imparts vital business insights through sophisticated methods of data analysis. This real-time intelligence tool enables professional users to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently wherever they are. Its intuitive interface helps improve work productivity with high-performing information sharing and enhanced in-house communications. It can be conveniently paired with a variety of other mobile functions, including calendars, maps, emails and contacts, providing a high-quality virtual office experience.

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