Samsung KNOX

Now it’s easy to keep your device protected. With Samsung KNOX, you’re free to use it for both work and play.
It gives you all the security you need for enterprise mobility.

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Features of KNOX

Platform Security
The Samsung Galaxy devices you love come ready for work right out of the box, thanks to KNOX. Switch between the KNOX password-protected workspace and personal apps with a tap of a button. IT can be confident that company data is secure and manageable, while employees will love the freedom to customise their device with personal apps and data, worry-free.

Simple Management
KNOX is conveniently integrated with your existing MDM, VPN and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, enabling you to tailor a security solution that best fits the needs of your enterprise. Or you can choose to manage Samsung devices using KNOX EMM that is completely cloud-based so it doesn’t require the capital costs of on premise hardware and software. Experience complete management capabilities without adding complexity, with over 500 supported IT policies available with KNOX and over 1,000 MDM APIs with more being added every day employees will love the freedom to customise their device with personal apps and data, worry-free.

Powerful Apps
Only secure, tested apps make it onto the KNOX workspace. A full collection of ready to use apps are pre-loaded including Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Camera and Email. Boost productivity with full access to download the latest mobile tools and apps through Samsung KNOX Apps.

Secure Data
Today, business is changing. Employees are 'always on' and always vulnerable. With malware and security breaches happening daily, you need a secure mobile platform that works 24/7. Your data at rest is secured using on-device encryption and SmartCard authentication. Protect data in transit with per-app VPN, and encryption keys. In the case of theft, remotely wipe devices and take advantage of our Absolute Theft Recovery service

Android Lockdown
KNOX is secured from the boot up. Only the KNOX-hardened Android platform protects your infrastructure with multi-level, hardware-to-application security via Trusted Boot and TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) to keep your business intelligence and network safe from hacking, viruses and unauthorised access.

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Technical details of KNOX

Application Security
Samsung KNOX offers a multi-faceted security solution rooted in the tamper-resistant device hardware, through the Linux kernel and Android operating system. The first line of defence against malicious attacks, Samsung KNOX is currently approved to run on US Department of Defense networks.

Secure Boot
Secure Boot is a security mechanism that prevents unauthorised boot loaders and kernels from being loaded during the startup process. Firmware images, such as operating systems and system components, cryptographically signed by known, trusted authorities, are considered authorised firmware. Secure Boot is a component that forms the first line of defence against malicious attacks on devices with KNOX.

Trusted Boot
Trusted Boot on KNOX extends Secure Boot to further ensure kernel integrity. Trusted Boot uses the TrustZone, a tamper-resistant sector of an ARM processor. During the boot process, the TrustZone saves cryptographic fingerprints (called measurements) from all boot loader and OS kernels. At system run time, TrustZone apps on KNOX constantly compares all measurements. Critical security decisions are made based on the compared results.

TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA)
Samsung KNOX introduces the TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA). TIMA uses the TrustZone a tamper-resistant sector of an ARM processor. TIMA uses two techniques to ensure that the Linux kernel has not been compromised:

Periodically verifies that the kernel has not changed, through measurements retrieved from the kernel and comparisons against the original factory kernel

Authenticates kernel modules as they are dynamically loaded.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Give employees the freedom to manage their personal space, while controlling the secure workspace. KNOX is compatible with a wide range of MDM providers, so that you can easily integrate KNOX within your existing infrastructure.

The Samsung KNOX platform can be managed with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Samsung has partnered with MDM vendors to integrate KNOX capabilities into current MDM consoles used by enterprises.

Prior to KNOX, Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) enabled enterprise IT admins to manage Samsung mobile devices through MDM consoles with a comprehensive suite of IT policies. Samsung KNOX adds even more security and management policies.

A MDM agent on a device implements an IT admin's policies by calling SAFE and KNOX Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the device. For example, your IT admin could invoke a policy to wipe a device if the kernel is compromised; the agent will call the APIs to carry out this order on the device.

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KNOX in Enterprise

Samsung KNOX in Enterprise
Samsung KNOX delivers the security needed for your enterprise's Android devices. From hardware to applications, multi-layered security ensures you enjoy the world's favourite mobile operating system with the security standards your enterprise network demands.

Samsung KNOX can be easily integrated with your existing MDM solution or your existing Microsoft Active Directory. When you buy and activate KNOX licences, a virtual container is installed on your employees' devices, designed to secure all enterprise apps and data. Apply security policies through your MDM console and push them to employee devices.

Samsung KNOX creates a multi-faceted security solution rooted in the tamper-resistant device hardware, through the Linux kernel and Android operating system. The first line of defence against malicious attacks, Samsung KNOX is strong enough to run on government grade networks.

To integrate KNOX into your enterprise you will need Samsung Galaxy devices, KNOX licences and a MDM solution. You may purchase KNOX licences through a Reseller or in the KNOX Marketplace. If you need assistance to get KNOX up and running there are a variety of resources available including on our Resources page.

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