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The Aastra Mobile Client Plus (AMC+) application greatly increases the efficiency and sophistication of your business communications. AMC+ lets users synchronise their mobile device with their landline device, integrating them into a single number for a seamless telephony solution. All phone calls made by an AMC+ user are automatically routed to the central receiver. In addition, system applications such as short codes, extensions and directories can be accessed from one single external number across all devices. This is a simplified, efficient solution that will help business users communicate more effectively and flexibly.
Key Feature
Simple and Integrated Business Telephony
AMC+ employs an integrated mobile network through a company’s Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to simplify their business communication flow. All outgoing and incoming calls are effectively connected to the company’s phone network. The system ensures ease of use by providing PBX features such as conference and consultation functions, in addition to company voicemail. It also offers a Voice over IP (VoIP) service via a WLAN or 3G connection. The overall result is a simplified communication solution and reduced mobile costs thanks to the Mobile Least Cost Routing (MCLR) feature.
• Cuts down your mobile phone bill with the Mobile Least Cost Routing (MLCR) function and dual mode.

• Achieves effective communication as well as cost savings.

• Provides direct access to your business phone directory via mobile devices (supporting LDAP standard).

• Enables mobile users to benefit from regular phone services like a standard desk phone.

• Allows remote application installation and creation through its Over The Air (OTA) service.