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Participate in an online meeting anywhere, anytime with Citrix Go-To Meeting, a video conference solution for organisations of all sizes. A slick, virtual environment enables your business to stay in contact with employees, clients and other third parties wherever they are located. High-resolution video brings a quality user-friendly experience to mobile devices, allowing participants to keep focus on the discussions in question. Citrix Go-To Meeting helps to improve internal communications with quick and easy online collaboration. Virtual teleconference environments will help to improve efficiency and productivity, reducing travel time and operational costs.
Instant Participation In Online Meetings
Instant Participation In Online Meetings
This solution allows businesses to take advantage of the easiest and most convenient way to attend online meetings. Users can participate instantly by simply tapping a link in their email or calendar to join other members in seconds, communicating via their device’s microphone. Valuable time is spent focused on the meeting rather than on setting it up. Screen sharing during video conferences enables everyone to view relevant support materials simultaneously, including presentations, images or reports. Sessions are efficient and productive, bringing together everything that is needed, with no time or money wasted on travel.
∙ Create a virtual meeting environment, reducing travel time and costs
∙ Introduce a video conference solution regardless of the size of your organization and, as a result, improve work productivity
∙ Participate in a meeting via a personal mobile device with the help of the hosting service by the organizer
∙ Facilitate in-house communications through quick and easy online collaboration