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Samsung Easy Colour Manager


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The Samsung Easy Colour Manager is a free printing software that allows business users to adjust the color balance, brightness, contrast or saturation of any image that they view on their PC monitor. It also provides various special effects that allow the image to be enhanced prior to printing without requiring editing expertise. If a company has its own color preferences or a specific Corporate Identity (CI) with its own uniform color set, it can define, use and share its own color profile to protect this brand image.
Intuitive Color Adjustment

Intuitive Color Adjustment

Samsung Easy Color Manager has its own intuitive adjustment window. When users place the preview parameters on a section to print, the image appears in the middle of the adjustment window. On seeing this version, professionals can freely adjust the image in such a way that they benefit from greater flexibility before printing. By simply selecting a color and adjusting the level on the bar, users can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation of images. Finally, they can create multiple effects by altering these settings, as well as the color balance of the image.
Easy To Share Adjusted Color Profile

Easy To Share Adjusted Color Profile

The Samsung Easy Color Manager allows users to define a new color profile. For businesses, this feature can recreate specific color tones based on the company identity (CI). When users define a new color profile, they can share the configuration file with colleagues or save it in their printer or MFP, where it will be configured as a standard mode. Alternatively, it can be saved on a PC driver so that it can be recreated when future print jobs are launched. Finally, the newly-defined color profile can be saved in a configuration file, letting users to back it up or share it with colleagues.
Easy To Apply Special Color Effect

Easy To Apply Special Color Effect

The Samsung Easy Color Manager provides many powerful built-in effects to give business users greater flexibility when handling their print operation. These include a convenient color replacement feature. When using these tools, professionals can apply various color conversion effects on printed documents easily without having expert editing skills.

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