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SMART Signage SolutionsMagicIWB 3.0


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Bring interaction and collaboration to a higher level with Samsung MagicIWB

Transform a traditional presentation into a dynamic educational or business experience with Samsung MagicIWB (Interactive White Board). MagicIWB, with optional touchscreen technology, delivers highly readable, Full-High-Definition (FHD) quality presentations that command viewer attention and hold it with direct access to rich content.
To further enhance corporate presentations and en-courage collaboration in meetings, the solution provides on-screen writing, video and image capture capabilities, as well as supporting a wide range of file formats.


Write, collaborate and participate using the enhanced Samsung MagicIWB solution

Just when it was thought Samsung MagicIWB couldn't get any better, the new MagicIWB brings interactivity and collaboration to an even higher level. Equipped with optional touchscreen technology, MagicIWB delivers more enhanced readability with greater brightness and FHD quality than ever before. What's more, the newly upgraded interactivity features help hold audience attention longer, increase participation and elevate the overall learning and information-sharing experience.

Writing software : MagicIWB Board I / e-Class management software : MagicIWB Manager / Student software : MagicIWB Agent [LFD + Overlay touch screen + Software MagicIWB Solution + Samsung E-board Solution]

The MagicIWB solution consists of the following components:

  • MagicIWB Board I Pique interest in presentations with direct access to rich content and interactive tools. Easily create powerful, content-rich presentations and share them with participants to encourage discussion, brainstorming and problem solving.
  • MagicIWB Manager Enable effortless administration of meetings and classes by equipping presenters and teachers with a wealth of management tools using this versatile e-Board software solution. Create a meeting or class, invite attendees, conduct votes, give exams and simplify the transfer of files from the display to the individual client device, allowing easy collaboration and information sharing.
  • MagicIWB Agent Install this software solution on participants' mobile devices and it becomes an efficient and effective communication and remote management tool. Participants can select a class to attend, submit a question to the presenter and share files with the group. Available through the iTunes® Store and Android app marketplace, this simple-to-use application encourages seamless, interactive communication between the presenter and participants.


MagicIWB offers robust features and benefits for high-impact presentations that encourage collaboration and interaction. Features include the ability to view content over multiple displays or enable multiple people to manipulate the screen for dynamic interaction.
Users can send and receive messages from other devices and write directly on the e-Board. They can even insert simple memos directly on Microsoft® Word, Excel® or PowerPoint® documents.

  • Place the menu virtually anywhere on the displays Long-press anywhere on the screen to display a floating menu. Want to move it? Simply flick it to move the menu to another location.
  • Expand content across multiple displays with independent control of each screen Increase the size of an e-Board by linking multiple screens together using a single menu to control the content using the multi-screen feature of the MagicIWB. Multiple users can also manipulate each screen independently using a separate menu control while writing comments and erasing them directly on the display using different pen colors. These features are ideal for encouraging a collaborative learning and business environment.
  • Insert comments into presentations in a snap Enable participants to write notes on their mobile devices and send them to the e-Board over wired or wireless networks with the Quick Memo feature, available within the Samsung MagicIMS Agent.
  • Move screen images easily using two-hand gestures Swiftly navigate through presentation pages or shift windows on the screen with greater ease than ever before. Want to undo a change? Simply press two fingers anywhere on the screen and flick to the left. Want to redo a change? Press two fingers anywhere on the screen and flick to the right. Capturing and resizing functions can also be accomplished using simple hand gestures.
  • Transform handwriting into digitised text instantly Automatically translate a user's handwriting into a square style that is then recognised as digital text using this feature.
  • Send e-mails with ease Send discussion results, summaries or meeting minutes to all participants using the E-mail feature by simply configuring the mail server with the address and port number.
  • Save and print notes directly from the e-Board Keep ideation notes for future reference or sharing by printing them right from the e-Board screen.
  • Videotape entire presentations for future reference Share discussion or lecture history from beginning to end for future review by recording the event.
  • Capture screenshots for export with ease Save the currently viewed page on the screen or all pages as a PDF or PPT file for export.
  • Store or share real-time images during presentations Take a working picture of the presentation or the class/lecture in progress on the e-Board for storing or sharing with others.
  • Read and print e-Board-created documents Read and print various document formats displayed on the e-Board and share them with participants on their mobile devices.
  • Handwrite notes in Microsoft Office right on the screen and save them Make it easier for users to add handwritten notes on Microsoft Office applications with the Microsoft Office Plug In. When a user handwrites on the overlay screen, his/her handwriting is automatically added and saved to the original source file in an image format, enabling users to update the file and search for and save notes with greater ease.
  • Get your point across with greater precision Command participants' attention during meetings or lectures with this precision, safe and easy-to-use pointer. Using Bluetooth® technology, Magic Presenter enables the user to highlight information displayed on the e-Board more clearly and more safely than laser pointers. And when the included Magic Presenter software is installed, the user can choose a wide variety of pointer sizes, shapes and images from a dropdown menu to suit individual needs.
  • Share content among a variety of devices Transmit content among physically separate e-Boards and mobile devices with MagicIWB Manager.
  • Collaborate on pre-shared files simultaneously Synchronise annotations or page numbers on pre-shared document files among Windows, Apple or Android devices.
  • Simplify file sharing using a single directory Make one directory as a shared folder among e-Board and mobile devices using the file-sharing connectivity capabilities of MagicIWB Manager.
  • Enjoy real-time screen sharing at your fingertips Share display screens with other devices in real time with the touch of a finger through the MagicIWB Agent.
  • Create simple question and answer sheets with greater ease This tool is very useful in the education environment to administer lessons, conduct polls and question and answer (Q&A) sessions or grade exam papers.


Provide a stimulating work environment that
encourages collaborative interaction

Today's corporate environment has become more mobile and global than ever before, requiring a workforce to communicate and collaborate more efficiently with one another literally anywhere.
Samsung MagicIWB provides businesses with seamless collaboration tools that keep the lines of communication open and are easy to implement, intuitive to use and cost-effective to operate. By integrating Samsung displays equipped with Samsung MagicIWB software, businesses can create a productive work environment that encourages creative thinking, heightened employee and customer interaction, and enhanced collaboration, whether across the room or across the globe.

MagicIWB encourages interaction and
collaboration with the following benefits:
  • Project productive, distraction-free presentations Keep the focus on the presentation, not the equipment delivering it. Samsung Smart Signage and MagicIWB provide attention-getting presentations without distracting the audience like noisy and distracting projectors. Viewers enjoy high-quality clear images without blur or glare and in a fully lighted room for easy note taking.
  • Empower interactivity between presenters and attendees Connect presenters' and attendees' devices to encourage interactive communication with MagicIWB Manager software. Easily share files and other materials with audience devices or between e-Boards. Simply install Samsung MagicIWB Agent program on participants' devices and the facility's wired and wireless networks. Sharing is even possible when the devices are in separate locations, for efficient communication with those participants that cannot be physically present. Presenters can also control attendees' devices during sessions to further enhance the presentation.
  • Deliver dynamic content Enable presenters to deliver rich content in an impressive way that encourages participant interaction when using MagicIWB software. Users can benefit from more accurate presentations with the intuitive touchscreen and Touch Pen. Presentations can be enhanced with a variety of content using PowerPoint, images, videos and Adobe Flash® animations for a more dynamic presentation. The whiteboard can also be used as a notebook device or for drawing functions using an assortment of pen styles and colors for added functionality.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with timesaving features Enable cross-functionality with PDF files and Microsoft Office applications with MagicIWB. Presenters and attendees can easily write and save notes in these files without importing or transcribing them, for more efficient note taking. Presenters can open or share the files on the displays while presenting, writing notes or saving the files without the extra steps for file conversions, facilitating a smoother presentation.


Encourage student with interactive and collaborative MagicIWB

New technologies, such as tablets, mobile applications, social networks and digital content, are rapidly changing the very nature of how students absorb knowledge. The trend is shifting from teacher-centric to student-centric learning. Today's digitally native students respond better to technologies they grew up with and are more engaged when they play an active role in the learning experience with interactive tools that encourage collaboration. In fact, research has shown that when students take an active part in the learning process they retain more. These same tools also help teachers provide feedback in smarter and more interactive ways than ever before.

That's why Samsung e-Board solution with MagicIWB is the ideal choice to engage students in the learning process through stimulating, interactive and collaborative tools.

MagicIWB solution enriches the learning experience with these benefits:
  • Encourage interaction between teachers and students Remove the boundary between active teachers and passive students by connecting teacher and student devices using MagicIWB. This connectivity encourages interactive communication, resulting in enhanced learning efficiency. Files and other materials can be shared on student devices or between e-Boards, even when the devices are in separate locations.
  • Enhance classroom management Dramatically reduce classroom distractions by enabling teachers to monitor and control students' devices using the MagicIWB Agent program installed on the students' devices.
  • Pique student interest with interactive tools and engaging content Encourage student interaction in a dynamic way with stimulating content facilitated with easy-to-use MagicIWB features. Interactive features include a touchscreen and Touch Pen for taking notes and drawing, and the ability to use PowerPoint, images, videos and Adobe animations to immerse students in the learning experience.
  • Distortion and glare-free viewing Deliver improved picture quality that is better and clearer than traditional projectors through innovative advances in touchscreen technology. Plus, students no longer need to take notes in a darkened classroom or become distracted by the background sounds of a noisy projector, keeping them focused on the lesson.
  • Streamline note-taking and sharing with timesaving features Enable cross-functionality with PDF files and Microsoft Office applications. Students can simply write and save notes in the files without importing or transcribing them, for greater efficiency and ease in referencing them after class. Instructors can open or share the files on the displays while presenting, writing notes or saving the files without the extra steps usually required for file conversions, saving valuable time and effort.
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