C61R2AEE 4 Burner Ceramic Hob


C61R2AEE 4 Burner Ceramic Hob The Samsung ceramic hobs provide a stylish and efficient tool to cook your favourite meals. With powerful radiant cooking, which heat up quickly and evenly, last minute meals are simple to whip up. The hob includes touch control for convenience and residual heat indicators for safety. So, nearly every based is covered with this ceramic hob, all you need is the food. 4.25 5 4 reviews

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C61R2AEE 4 Burner Ceramic Hob


  • Powerful radiant cooking
  • Residual heat safety indicator
  • Smart touch-screen control
  • Clear LED display

radiant cooking

The powerful heating elements and radiant heat of the surface ensure that the rings heat up quickly and that dishes are cooked thoroughly and evenly.

residual heat indicator

After the heat is off, an ‘H’ shape afterheat indicator shows you whether it’s safe to touch the surface or not. The hob also features a child safety lock to prevent children from turning the hob on.

smart touch control

The hob can be controlled with fingertip ease, as you can set all of your preferences with a simple press of a sensor button.

tech specs

Dimension of C61R2AEE/XEU


  • Control Method

    Touch Control

  • Display


  • Frame

    Cutting Edge

  • Surface



  • Packing size (WxHxD)

    692 x 622 x 130mm

  • Cutout (WxHxD)

    560 x 490mm

  • Package Dimension (WxHxD)

    575 x 505 x 52.6mm



  • Child Lock


  • Grate


  • Heater Element


  • Power Control


  • Power On/Off


  • Residual Heat Indicator


  • Scraper


  • Timer


Heating Element (Ceramic)

  • Double (210/120mm,2.2kw)


  • Oval (170 x 265mm, 2.4kw)


  • Single (145mm, 1.2kw)

    Yes - 2

  • Single (180mm, 1.8kw)

    Yes - 2

Heating Element Power (Gas)

  • Front Left


  • Front Right


  • Rear Left


  • Rear Right


Loading Quantity

  • 20/40ft

    485 / 1025


  • Mode

    2 Single 2 Fast

Model Type Install

  • Model Type Install



  • Ceramic


  • Gas



  • Package


  • Net Weight



Owners Overall Ratings

3 out of 4 (75%) customers recommend this product

  • Features4.5/5.0
  • Performance4.5/5.0
  • Design5.0/5.0
  • Value4.0/5.0

Owner Reviews

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value5/5.0

Thee best !

I have had my hob for four years, and unfortunately I have to replace it, but I have been so pleased with it that the replacement is going to be thesame model.

To many reviews are from people who have just purchased products, so their reviews carry no justified judgement , but this one does. To say it is excellent is an understatement.

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    Wanted this for a long time

    After using a gas hob with all its bits and pieces this is so practical. A quick wipe et voila. Worried about controlling the cooking heat; it does it itself once you become familiar.

    Delivered on time in one piece installation was easy. Up and running the day it was delivered. Very pleased with the unit.

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    Customer review from Argos.co.uk



      Samsung hob

      I had my samsung hob fitted 10 mins by an electritcian and it was up and running very easy to work I love it would reccomend it very highly gets a thumbs up from me!

      Customer review from Argos.co.uk

      S-E phobic


      • Features4/5.0
      • Performance4/5.0
      • Design5/5.0
      • Value3/5.0

      This product is great when it works!

      Having had this hob for about 4 months, I think it has disappointed more than impressed. It seems to short at humidity at this stage. I am tired of seeng SE when cooking and the latest thing is the lock key wont work even after a mains disconnect it comes back on.

      This has happened three times now and on the previous ocassions just before ringing for service it magically started to work again! When it is working it is a very nice and effecient item. Heating is quick and cleaning easy. All in all I think it is....frustrating

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      User Manual

      1.75 MB, pdf, ENGLISH

      27 Mar, 2008

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