Cooker Hoods

HC9347BG 900mm (w) Wall Mounted Cooker Hood


Samsung’s range of stylish cooker hoods will quickly, quietly and efficiently remove steam, vapour and smoke. A choice of three speeds means that even the emissions from the most intensive cooking, like burnt toast, can be swiftly and effectively removed. And with its carbon air filters, it not only removes unwanted gases, vapours and steam, but also removes bad odours - leaving your kitchen smelling fresh. 4.143 5 7 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Clear the air with a Samsung stylish cooker hood

90cm wide stainless steel housing

The stylish stainless steel and glass housing provides an attractive addition to a modern kitchen and is hard-wearing and easy to clean.

3 speed options

The three speed options mean that you can tailor the power of the hood to the level you need.

suitable for ducted extraction or recirculation

The hood can be set up for either ducted extraction or recirculation.

aluminium grease filters

The dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filters protect the motor from fats contained in the air that is being extracted.

carbon air filters

The active carbon filters are used to purify the air which is released back into the room. The carbon traps bad odours from the aspirated air, making sure that your kitchen is left smelling fresh.

halogen lamps

2 x 20 watt halogen lamps illuminate the hob during cooking.


  • Width900mm

Air Outlet size

  • Air Outlet size150mm
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Blower unit

  • Blower unitMedium

Carbon Filter

  • Carbon Filter2


  • Depth490mm

Grease Filter

  • Grease Filter2 ALU Panel

Adjustable Height

  • Adjustable Height650 - 1150mm


  • HousingS/Steel A430


  • Lamps2 x 40W


  • PlugCE


  • Speeds3

Suction Power

  • Suction Power470mc/h


  • SwitchButton


  • Versionducted

Ratings and Reviews (7)

Overall Ratings

6 out of 7 (85%) customers recommend this product





- Gender: - Age:
No exhaust tube

purchased this cooker hood about a fortnight ago I wanted to recirculate the air & not vent it outside. samsung could not provide me with the 150mm exhaust tube, thus the hood has been fitted but not useable,very disappointed with samsung carbon filters also cost an arm & a leg, ongoing with samsung to try and find this exhaust tube also why was'nt it supplied with the product, not everybody wants it vented to outside.

would not buy this product again !

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Oxfordshire - Gender: Male - Age: 55-64
Excellent product

Very pleased with this purchase. Lights are nice and bright; useful being positioned to the front. The design is sleek and not over bearing like someextractors can be in small kitchens.

Suction is very good and I think the noise level is just normal for an extractor of this power. General build quality great, and I would not hesitate to recommend purchase.

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Edinburgh - Gender: Male - Age:
Real Deal

This product after careful thought was a good choice. It is easy to install but read instructions before installing as I forgot to put in air way baffles in flue and had to dismantle to do so.

This was not a major problem. The unit has sleek looks has easy operation with lights at front which assists cooking greatly. As for noise it is the same as the one we had previously and to me is not excessive as they will all make some noise.

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Bedfordshire, UK - Gender: Female - Age: 35-44
Stylish and Functional

Bought this item for the style to go in my new kitchen but taking reviews of this and similar products into account. Yes it is a bit noisy on max butit is an extractor so what else would you expect? It looks fantastic and seems a very solid well made product and does what it says on the tin.

Would recommend - great value for money.

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