NV7000F Electric Oven with Dual Fan (Twin Fan), 70 L


NV7000F  Electric Oven with Dual Fan (Twin Fan), 70 L The Samsung Airvection Oven features a Professional Cooking Mode, giving you the precision to achieve restaurant-quality results every time. Use the Pro-Roasting function for food that is juicy and tender and never overcooked. Or for highly concentrated and even heat, choose the Intensive Cooking Mode which combines all the heating sources: grill, bottom heater and two convections. The dual fans work in harmony to ensure food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. All this adds up to new heights of culinary excellence. 0 5 0 reviews

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NV7000F Electric Oven with Dual Fan (Twin Fan), 70 L


  • Cook food evenly thanks to dual fans circulating the heat
  • Enjoy outstanding results with a Professional Cooking Mode
  • Sear and seal in juices before cooking with a Pro-Roasting Mode
  • Use the Intensive Cooking Mode for highly concentrated heat
Dual Fans

Dual Fans

Dual fans are twice as efficient with twice the satisfaction. Dual fans spread heat evenly throughout the oven.
Professional Cooking Mode

Professional Cooking Mode

Pro-Roasting. Sear and seal in juices before cooking with the Pro-Roasting Mode for food that is juicy and tender, and never overcooked. Intensive Heat For highly concentrated and even heat, choose Intensive Cooking Mode.
Sleek and Minimal Design

Sleek and Minimal Design

For those with an eye for style, the Samsung NEO Twin Oven is dressed in glass, black and stainless steel and accessorized with an integrated curved handle that fits perfectly in your hand. The result is a premium look with inviting details designed to bring harmony to any home environment.
Seamlessly Integrated Handle

Seamlessly Integrated Handle

The frame of the NEO Twin Oven is accessorised with an elegantly curved integrated door handle, creating clean lines complemented by stylish glass, black and stainless steel.
Designed to Bring Harmony

Designed to Bring Harmony

The NEO Twin Oven looks as good as your cooking tastes. As part of the Samsung NEO Series, it offers a sleek design with flourishes of glass, black and stainless steel that bring harmony to any home decor.

Intuitive Ice Blue LED display

Intuitive Ice Blue LED display
With a soothing, signature blue color, the intuitive display on the NEO Twin Oven was developed to reflect your most common cooking habits, affirming Samsung's dedication to providing appliance innovations that deliver improved experiences and convenience.
Fast Preheating Setting

Fast Preheating Setting

Samsung oven applied embedded fast preheating system that ensures faster preheating time and lower energy consumption.
Steam Clean

Steam Clean

Burn off grease and residue to keep your oven clean.

tech specs

Dimension of NV70F7584DS/EU

General Features

  • Child Lock


  • Cavity Interior

    Ceramic Enamel

  • Oven Doors

    Black Glass 3 STSS

  • Oven Color

    Black Glass

  • Door Opening Type

    Drop Down (Handle)

  • Upper Grill

    1600W / 1100W

  • Lower Grill


  • Single Mode
    Bottom + Convection


    Large Grill


    Small Grill


  • End Timer


  • Interior Lamp

    Built-in Oven Features Interior Lamp (W) 1 x 25

  • Interior Light


  • Auto Cook


  • Language Option


  • Sound


  • Light (Lamp) On/Off


General Information

  • Control Method

    Soft Pop-up Dial & Touch &Tact

  • Oven Type

    2 Fan + 1 Convection

  • Convection

    1700W / No

  • Cleaning Method


  • Clock


  • Cook Timer



Equipment Supplied

  • Multi Split (Shasilk)


  • Barbecue Spit


  • Square Baking Tray


  • Square Wire Rack


  • Telescopic Rack


  • Cook Book


Physical Specification

  • Dimension
    Cavity (Single) (WxHxD)

    464 x 370 x 410mm

    Outside (WxHxD)

    595 x 595 x 572mm

    Cutout (WxHxD)

    560 x 570 x 550mm

    Shipping (WxHxD)

    700 x 750 x 700mm

    Usable Capacity


  • Loading Quantity

    162 / 216 sets


  • Steam Cleaning



  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single/Lower/Upper/Twin)

    40 - 270°C

  • Energy Class (Convection)




User Manual(EU Environmental Regulatory)

0.01MB, pdf, ENGLISH

14 Oct, 2015

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