WF1114XBD 1400rpm ecobubble VRT Washing Machine


Samsung’s 11kg ecobubble™ VRT washing machine gives you efficient, quiet and long-lasting washing for all your laundry needs. ecobubble™ technology means that washing at energy-saving lower temperatures still gives the same great results as warm water. Meanwhile, the unique Diamond Drum™ prevents damage to clothes and keeps them looking their best. With Vibration Reduction Technology, you can also clean clothes peacefully with less noise and vibration. And, thanks to the anti-limescale heater and durable Digital Inverter Motor, this reliable washing machine also gives you peace of mind. 4.667 5 12 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Wash Cool, Save Energy with ecobubble™ technology
  • Wash more at once with a huge 12kg drum capacity
  • Enjoy peaceful washing with Vibration Reduction Technology™
  • Reduce noise with a longer-lasting Digital Inverter Motor

Awards & Warranty

How Eco Bubble works?

How Eco Bubble works?
The Eco Bubble generates bubbles by dissolving detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins. The perfectly dissolved detergent quickly penetrates into fabric to be thoroughly rinsed out without remaining detergent residue or stains.

Smaller Holes for Better Fabric Care!

Smaller Holes for Better Fabric Care!
The streamlined shape of new Diamond Drum helps your clothes to wash softly by moving along the unique designed drum line. Also the small water exit holes prevent the fabrics from sticking out and consequently being damaged. Now you know even your most delicate clothes are being handled gently with upgraded diamond-shaped drum.

Long-lasting Quality

Long-lasting Quality
Samsung’s double coated ceramic heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposit, which ensures the heater will last at least up to ten years.

Consistent Power

Consistent Power
Samsung Volt Control safeguards the washing machine from high levels of shock and even lower voltage, which protects life of the washing machine. Also this outstanding technology automatically restarts after power outages to protect your clothes as well.
Bigger Capacity, Less Chores, More Time for Yourself!

Bigger Capacity, Less Chores, More Time for Yourself!

Just looking at your huge pile of laundry makes you feel tired. With Samsung's new 12kg load capacity washing machine, you can wash all that laundry at once which saves you time and energy!
Peaceful Operation for Silent Washing!

Peaceful Operation for Silent Washing!

The main reason washing machines are loud is because of an unbalanced load. With Samsung's VRT Plus ™, sensors keep the drum perfectly balanced even at high spin speeds regardless of load size so you hardly know the machine is running. With less noise and vibration, you can do your laundry anytime do your laundry anytime.
Highly Efficient with Durability!

Highly Efficient with Durability!

The brushless Digital Inverter Motor doesn't cause friction between motor and brush, which avoids energy waste and makes the motor highly efficient. Without the constant friction, the motor reduces wear and 10 year warranty also allows the washing machine last longer. Moreover, this innovative motor reduces the noise level while delivering outstanding performance.
Eco Drum Clean

Eco Drum Clean

This function removes buildup of detergent residue and dirt in the drum and door glass without special chemical.
15† Quick Timed Wash

15' Quick Timed Wash

With this great Wash program, You can freely select the wash cycle from 15 to 60 minutes.

Samsung Home Appliances 5 Year Warranty

Samsung presents a five year warranty on its home appliances. With an extra three year warranty on outstanding products like washing machine, refrigerators, ovens and hobs, this is too great an opportunity to be missed. Learn more


  • Energy Efficiency RatingA+++
  • Annual Energy Consumption (220 cycle) kWh/annum256
  • Annual Water Consumption (220 cycles) L/annum16450
  • Spin-drying Efficiency ClassA
  • Noise Level Washing (dB(A) re 1pW)53
  • Noise Level Spinning (dB(A) re 1pW)72


  • Washing Capacity11kg
  • Maximum Spin Speed1400rpm
  • Standard Cycle Time138min
  • DisplayWide G.LED
  • Available Body ColorWhite
  • Available Door ColorChrome
  • Ecobubble™ TechnologyYes
  • Digital Inverter MotorYes
  • VRT PLUS™ Yes
  • Fuzzy Logic ControlsYes
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Informative Functions

  • Delay EndYes
  • Child Lock DisplayYes
  • Door Lock DisplayYes
  • Progress IndicatorYes
  • Fault Check DisplayYes


  • Program

    • CottonYes
    • SyntheticsYes
    • DenimYes
    • BeddingYes
    • Dark GarmentYes
    • Daily WashYes
    • Eco Drum CleanYes
    • Super Eco WashYes
    • Outdoor CareYes
    • Sports WearNo
    • Baby CareYes
    • WoolYes
    • Hand WashYes
    • DrainNo
    • SpinYes
    • Rinse+SpinYes
  • Option

    • Eco Bubble WashYes
    • My CycleYes
    • Quick WashYes
    • Easy IronYes
    • Rinse +Yes
    • Rinse HoldYes
    • Sound OffYes
    • Language settingNo
  • Wash Option

    • Pre WashYes
    • Intensive WashYes
    • SoakYes
  • Special Features

    • Ceramic HeaterYes
    • Diamond DrumYes
    • OverVolt ControlYes
  • Temperature SelectionsCold-20°C-30°C-40°C-60°C-95°C
  • Spin Speed Selections0-400-800-1000-1200-1400


  • Child LockYes
  • Anti Foam ControlYes
  • Overheating ControlYes
  • Self Diagnostic SystemYes
  • Self Cleaning FilterYes
  • Water Safety

    • Aqua Stop HoseNo
    • Leakage SensorNo


  • Net Dimension (WxDxH)600 x 600 x 850mm
  • Gross Dimension (W x D x H)680 x 705 x 890mm
  • Net Weight71kg
  • Gross Weight74kg
  • Loading Quantity

    • 40ft H/C (Set)153

Ratings and Reviews (12)

Overall Ratings

12 out of 12 (100%) customers recommend this product





Rutland - Gender: Male - Age: 45-54
Dead chuffed

Ridiculously quiet machine. Mudling through a bit with learning how to use it but I'm sure I'll get used to it. My kids think the tinkly music at theend of the cycle is fun so I'll leave it on.

Massive drum, absolutely huge. Seems to wash things fine but I'm a bloke so what would I know? As title says - I'm dead chuffed with it. As for the company, faultless. Rang early on day of delivery with the time of arrival and was bang on time. Took old machine away immediately. Whole delivery took about 2 minutes. I will without a doubt use this retailer again and I really am a fussy, hard-to-please customer.

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- Gender: - Age:
Life changing

My 6-8 loads of washing a week has been cut down to 3. The capacity of this machine is just amazing! The default washing time is a bit lengthy, but that can be customised.

The only niggle I have is that it is not possible to select 1400 spin with any other programme apart from cotton. As a result, my clothes are not as dry coming out as they were with my previous (Bosch) machine. The manufacturer's warranty is the best I have seen, meaning that I did not have the additional expensive of taking out insurance.

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Blackburn UK - Gender: Female - Age: 45-54
Love it!

This was bought to replace two standard sized washing machines which had either died or were on the verge. Ummed and ahhed about size - was looking at 12kg but decided on 11 - two teenage boys in the house.

This has turned out to be fab - getting through large wash loads in less than half the washes I used to with 2 machines. Love the quick wash and I quite like the little jingle it plays when the washing is done. Also love the ability to choose separate spin cycles for my woolens and handwashes.

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Leeds - Gender: Female - Age: 35-44
Great Machine - Poor Installation

I can not fault the machine. However, had I left the installation to the installers it may have been a different story. They arrived on time - great- then it went wrong.

The way they wanted to install the machine would have had the water hose stretched straight through the middle of my cupboard (not out of site as it is now), the outlet hose would have had 2m of spare hose coiled in the same cupboard (there is now none) and the machine would have been left unlevelled (fortunately I asked them to check before they departed!) Thankfully, I only paid for the installation because I was being idle - good job I knew how to install it.

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