SU8860 1400W Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


SU8860 1400W Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner The Samsung FlexiClean really is more than just an upright vacuum cleaner. With a unique pop-up tool the FlexiClean has the ability to transform from a conventional upright vacuum cleaner into a flexible cylinder, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach places with ease. The FlexiClean is packed with innovative and functional features designed to make your life easier, such as the large 15” cleaning head width, intelligent ‘smart diverter’ that automatically transfers air flow depending on cleaning mode and the one touch carpet to bare floor changeability. The energy saving auto power control also adjusts the suction power to match the floor surface and level of dirt and dust present. And for assurance that the air in your home healthy and clean, a patented sealed HEPA 13 filtration system effectively removes 99.95% of airborne dust and debris. The FlexiClean also comes with a free 5 year parts and labour warranty for that added peace of mind. 2.5 5 2 reviews

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SU8860 1400W Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • The FlexiClean's unique pop-up tool sets a new standard for all-in-one cleaning

Revolutionary cleaning with the flexible pop-up brush tool

Revolutionary cleaning with the flexible pop-up brush tool
With the Samsung FlexiClean you get the best of both worlds; the wide 15” floor head gives allows for maximum cleaning efficiency in open areas, while the pop-up brush tool is exactly what you need to clean hard-to-reach places, such as beneath furniture, on top of curtains, and in corners. No matter which of the 2-in-1 features you are using, the smart diverter automatically directs the flow of air while you are cleaning, ensuring that you never lose suction - when you are using the vacuum cleaner as an upright the main brush is used, but when you are using the pop-up brush tool the main brush stops rotating, saving power and improving suction.

Flexibility at the push of a button

Flexibility at the push of a button
With conventional vacuum cleaners, switching between floor and carpet attachments requires two separate hose attachments, extra assembly, and an unneeded interruption from your cleaning. The dual motor system offers the perfect bare floor cleaning solution, as the simple push of a button stops the carpet brush from spinning so only the air suction is at work; protecting your hard-surfaces from unnecessary scratching whilst ensuring your cleaning experience is uninterrupted and hassle-free.

Stretching from here to there and everywhere in between

Stretching from here to there and everywhere in between
A 3.5 metre retractable hose offers excellent extendable use for a larger than ever vacuuming range, allowing you reach the stairs, the ceiling, the living room sofa and the carpeted kitchen without having to drag your vacuum around with you. The FlexiClean also features sturdy design qualities to ensure that it will not be pulled over or toppled like conventional upright vacuum cleaners.

No more cord winding, just press a button

No more cord winding, just press a button
7.5 metres of cord lying on the ground after a job well done can be hazardous, messy and frustrating to untangle. However, the FlexiClean’s auto cord reel offers a quick and convenient solution - a one - touch auto - retract button that safely, quickly, and effectively rewinds the power cord for a clean and tidy look inside and out.
Cleaner floors, cleaner air

Cleaner floors, cleaner air

With a patented Twin Chamber SystemTM, multi-level filtration, and a sealed HEPA filter system, the FlexiClean offers a truly superior cleaning solution. By perfectly sealing the body, hose and brush, the FlexiClean is able to maintain a powerful suction force that is able to pull even the finest dust and debris from the air. This air is then filtered it through a washable HEPA 13 filter and released back into the room 99.95% fresher, cleaner and dust-free, preserving the health of your family and your home.

More room to store, less need to empty

More room to store, less need to empty
The large 3 litre dust bin provides a greater storage capacity, meaning there is less need for emptying. Also, emptying the bin after vacuuming can be the least pleasant part of your cleanup, but not with Samsung’s easy-to-empty dust bins. Three simple steps are all it takes to finish the job. Just press the button, pull out the dust bin, and pour out the debris with a simple flick of the wrist. No hassle, no spills, just a cleaner room-made easy.
Twin Chamber System™

Twin Chamber System™

Samsung’s unique Twin Chamber System™ divides the normal dust chamber into two compartments, allowing for improved cleaning and longer lasting power. As the powerful suction circulates dust particles through the cyclonic air path of the inner chamber, the dirt and debris are separated from the air. As a result, the larger dust particles are filtered into the outer chamber until you’re ready to dispose of them. This also means that Samsung’s Twin Chamber vacuums don’t require wasteful, messy, and costly replacement bags.
The perfect amount of power

The perfect amount of power

The auto power control feature ensures that the FlexiClean always uses the right amount of power depending on the floor type and level of dust and dirt present. By detecting the amount of dirt on the cleaning surface the FlexiClean is able to automatically adjust its suction power accordingly, so that you are never using too much or too little power. Also, the convenient LED indicator clearly shows how much power is being used at the any one time.
Built in cleaning tools

Built in cleaning tools

By storing the accessories on the main body of the vacuum cleaner they are always at hand and difficult to lose.
Quick body release

Quick body release

Simply press the pedal and tilt the handle to use.
Two carrying handles

Two carrying handles

Two ergonomic carrying handles enable you to move the FlexiClean around with ease.
Five height adjustments

Five height adjustments

Whether it’s a bare floor or a plush carpet, adjust the brush height by choosing from five different levels for optimal cleaning.
Easy-access blockage removal

Easy-access blockage removal

Quickly fix blockages and clogs by easily accessing the pop up brush tool, smart diverter, and cyclone grill.
Washable HEPA Filter

Washable HEPA Filter

The detachable HEPA filter is designed for trouble free maintenance. Simply remove, rinse with water, dry, and then re-attach. No replacements necessary.
  • Good Housekeeping InstituteGood Housekeeping Institute

tech specs

Dimension of VCU8860V4R/XEU


  • Dust Cover

    Torch Red

Dust Collection

  • Bag


  • Dust Capacity




  • Additional Brush
    Mini Turbo

    Yes (Pop Up)

  • Brush Width


  • Bumper


  • Dual Edge Cleaning


  • Headlights


  • Height Adjustment

    5 Stage


  • Pre-Motor

    Foam & Micro

  • Exhaust

    HEPA 13


  • Crevice


  • Dusting


  • Upholstery


  • Extension Pipe


Basic Feature

  • Power Control
    Body On/off


  • Filter Check


  • Power Cord Length


  • Action Radius


  • 360 Swivel Hose


  • Cleaning Width


  • Auto Cord Rewinder


  • Hose


General Features

  • Handle Type



    Pop Up Tool

Special Feature

  • Silver Nano


  • Auto Mode



  • Yellow


Logistic Specification

  • Dimension
    Gross (WxHxD)

    386 x 925 x 292mm

  • Weight



  • Net (WxHxD)

    376 x 1090 x 410mm


  • Others



  • Max Consumption Power


  • Suction Power


  • Noise Level


Loading Quantity

  • 20/40ft

    287 / 607

Motor System

  • Motor System

    2 Motor


  • Net Weight




User Manual

5.8 MB, pdf, ENGLISH

17 May, 2010

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