19" S19A450MW Series 4 LED Monitor


19 S19A450MW Series 4 LED Monitor Discover another level of energy efficiency as well as easily-adjustable design. The Samsung SA450 Business Monitor monitor’s height, tilt and perspective can conveniently be set to your preferences, helping you to attain better posture and more comfortable viewing. You can save space, too, thanks to the detachable adaptor, which also makes installing and moving the monitor easy. Lightweight and efficient design means you can also reduce energy costs, and you can say goodbye to wasted energy during standby with Adaptor On Off mode. 0 5 0 reviews

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19" S19A450MW Series 4 LED Monitor


  • Adjust monitor height, tilt and perspective easily
  • Make the most of space with detachable adaptor
  • Reduce power use with efficient lightweight design
  • Eliminate energy waste in when not in operation

Conveniently adjust monitor height, tilt and perspective

The Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450 has been designed to help boost work efficiency, delivering a tailored experience with its choice of viewer settings. The height-adjustable stand ensures that the screen can always be set at the optimal eye level, which enhances the visual experience while also helping maintain the viewer’s body posture. Other features include the tilt and pivot capabilities, which not only increase comfort levels but also introduce new ways of working. The SA450 Monitor can rotate 90̊̊̊ degrees, allowing for more appropriate view depending on the work. So, now you can take convenience and efficiency to amazing heights with the Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450.

Maximise workspace with an efficient detachable adaptor

If you need a work monitor that uses office space efficiently, then Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450 is the perfect choice. It features an innovative new detachable adaptor, which allows the monitor to be easily moved and installed. From physically moving the monitor with the carrying handle to quickly installing, the SA450 is ready to deliver an efficient and clean work space. The SA450 is also equipped and prepared for you as a VESA Wall mount, providing a multi-screen or wall mounted monitor. Optimising your office space is now easily achieved with the Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450.

Enjoy energy savings with the lightweight LED display

Samsung’s lightweight LED Business Monitor SA450 provides another energy saving option through its low consumption levels. This reduction in energy helps both financial and environmental aspects of the business, and is an important part of any work operation. The LED Business Monitor SA450 is also remarkably lightweight and reduces the hassles associated with transporting monitors, and is just one more way that Samsung is helping enhance the working environment.

Go green with Samsung’s Adaptor On Off 0W

The ultimate energy saving measure has been created by Samsung with the new Adaptor On Of mode. By simply flicking the mechanical switch found on the Samsung LED Business monitor SA450, you can cut energy output while not using the monitor down to an amazing 0 Watts. Conventional standby modes reduce energy output to about 1 Watt, but the SA450 goes one stop further for greater results. This helps minimises both environmental impact and operating costs, and is just one more step by Samsung in creating a greener environment.

Clear your desk with Samsung’s Cable Arrangement

A tidy and clean workspace is paramount when it comes to showing professionalism at work. That’s why the Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450 comes with a Cable Arrangement. It conveniently organises the cables coming from the monitor into a simple bundle along the stand and helps minimise clutter around the screen. With the Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450, you can finally enjoy a neat workspace, where annoying cables are kept out of sight.

A monitor design to match business needs

The Samsung LED Business Monitor SA450 has been designed to enhance work conditions and efficiency. Featuring Front Tactile Buttons, the SA450 minimises costly errors found with high usage, which is a common problem with touch type button monitors. Furthermore, with its smarter design, users can still access these buttons when wall mounted, which can be an issue when monitors feature side panel buttons. Adding to the visual experience, the SA450 features a Narrow Matt Bezel. This reduces distraction around display area and delivers an experience that is immersive and engaging.

Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast

Experience amazing new levels of colour, brilliance and picture quality through the very latest in Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. The Samsung LED Business monitor SA450 delivers images so real-to-life that it will transform your whole viewing experience. Packed with breathtaking 5000000:1 contrast ratio, the highest level currently available, the SA450 ensures that blacks are at their absolute darkest and (with pristine whites) colours are at their brightest. You will immediately notice the crystal clear picture and its unbelievable intensity. It is like an explosion of colours and leaves other screens seeming dull in comparison.

Magic Angle Vertical delivers perfection every time

The Samsung LED Business monitor SA450 feature the Magic Angle Vertical to deliver a picture-perfect screen even when not viewed from directly in front. This means that you can watch your monitor sitting down, standing up or lying on the couch and still enjoy a great view. And with 20 different angle steps (10 up and 10 down) you will always have a choice to match your position. So, when watching with Magic Angle Vertical, which is even also specialised for LED Business monitor, it feels like you’re always standing right in front of the screen… even if you aren’t.

tech specs

Dimension of LS19A450MWT/EN


  • Screen Size

    19" (16:10)

  • Brightness (Typical)


  • Contrast Ratio


  • Resolution

    1440 x 900

  • Response Time


  • Viewing Angle (H/V)

    R / L: 85 / 85 (Typ), U / D: 80 / 80 (Typ)

  • Colour Support



  • Audio In/Out

    SPK 1W x 2

  • Special



General Features

  • Embedded Function

    Eco Saving, Multi Screen S / W, Samsung MagicAngle, Samsung MagicBright3, Samsung MagicColour, Off Timer, Customised Key, Image Size, 0W Mechanical Switch, Carring Hadle

  • OS Compatibility


  • Energy/Environment Mark

    TCO5.0, Energy Star

  • Plug&Play

    DDC 2B

  • Cabinet Colour

    Matt Black


  • Stand Type

    HAS (100mm)

  • Stand Function

    Pivot / Tilt

  • Wall Mount

    Yes (100 x 100)


  • Power Consumption


  • Type

    External Adaptor

  • Stand-by Power (DPMS)



  • Set Dimension with Stand (WxHxD)

    443 x 377 x 201mm

  • Set Dimension without Stand (WxHxD)

    443 x 302 x 50mm

  • Package Dimension (WxHxD)

    516 x 375 x 204mm


  • Package Weight

    - Weight > Product Weight (kg): [4.3] - Weight > Shipment Weight (kg): [5.6]

Signal Input

  • Connector

    D-sub, DVI

  • Sync. Signal

    Separate, Composite, SOG

  • Video Signal

    D-sub, DVI


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