Ultra-Slim 9.5mm ODDAA-ES3P95B


Ultra-Slim 9.5mm ODDAA-ES3P95B Experience powerful performance on the move with a device that’s as attractive as it is convenient. The stylish Samsung AA-ES3P95B Series 9 optical disc drive is ultra-slim and light, so you can take this practical device with you practically wherever you go. Portability is enhanced by the fact that both power and connectivity are provided through a single cable plugged into your portable PC’s USB port, allowing you to use this Series 9 ODD on the move without needing any other external power source. You can rely on this ODD too, thanks to full compatibility with the entire range of Samsung notebooks, and neatness-enhancing features like hidden power cord storage make it an elegant space-saver as well. 0 5 0 reviews

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Ultra-Slim 9.5mm ODDAA-ES3P95B


  • Enjoy stylish and slim design that’s easy to carry with you
  • Discover wide compatibility with a range of portable PCs
  • Stay connected and charge easily using only one USB cable
  • Save space and clutter with hidden power cord storage

Enjoy stylish and intelligent design

Enjoy stylish and intelligent design
If you like your digital devices to look as stylish as they are powerful, the Samsung AA-ES3P95B ODD is perfect for you. It sleek, ultra slim design is only 9.5mm in thickness and is remarkably only 300g in weight, making it extremely easy to travel with. The amazingly sophisticated Series 9 look and feel also packs innovative features like the hidden power cord storage. The site of cords always looks so messy the Series 9 AA-ES3P95B ODD removes this from eyesight and leaves only the stunning black surface to admire.

Set your ODD free with high compatibility

Set your ODD free with high compatibility
With such a wide selection of great Samsung notebook PCs and netbooks available, it is nice to see that accessories like the Samsung AA-ES3P95B ODD are highly compatible and reliable. The stylish and powerful ODD is actually compatible with all Samsung notebooks and provides peace of mind knowing that when you upgrade to your next Samsung notebook or netbook, your Samsung AA-ES3P95B ODD will still be compatible and ready to deliver a powerful performance. It also provides added convenience when sharing the ODD amongst friends or work colleagues, knowing that you can rely on it to work without any hassles.

Enjoy real ODD performance while on-the-go

Enjoy real ODD performance while on-the-go
Forget the hassles of trying to find a power source. With the Samsung AA-ES3P95B ODD, simply connect to your PC and enjoy USB-powered convenience. This cuts the amount of cables you need in half and creates a far cleaner working environment to enjoy. So, whether you are commuting on a train, sitting in the park or just short of a power source, the USB 2.0 connection keeps your ODD performing the way it should be.

tech specs

Physical Specification

  • Dimension (WxDxH)

    148mm x 13.5mm x 168mm

  • Weight



  • ODD
    Seek time

    CD-ROM : 160ms, DVD-ROM : 160ms


I/O Port

  • Usable Disk

    8x DVD+R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD+R DL, 8x DVD-R, 6x DVD-RW, 5x DVD-RAM, 8x DVD-ROM, 24x CD-R, 24x CD-RW, 24x CD-ROM


  • Colour

    Metal Black (Aluminum)


  • Interface

    USB 2.0