Slim External 8x DVD Writer SE-S084D


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At a Glance
  • New stylish Samsung 8X load external slim DVD-writer
• USB-powered for powerful on-the-go capability
• Paired for power and portability
• The most gorgeous 7 colours than ever
• Drive Type : DVD writer
• Enclosure Type : External
• Drive Height : Slim (9.5mm)
• Loading Type : Tray
• Interface : USB 2.0
• Dimension (WxHxD) :146 x 137.2 x 17 (mm)
• Weight : 0.27 (Kg) under
USB-powered for powerful on-the-go capability.

USB-powered for powerful on-the-go capability.

Whether you’re in a café, on a plane or sitting at a park bench, you can power up a Samsung’s Slim External DVD Writer. Engineered to free you from power cords and AC adapters, you no longer need to be in your office to write DVDs. Thanks to its USB BUS power source you can write at maximum speed with no outlet in sight. So, don’t let your hectic schedule slow you down, Our Slim External DVD Writer was built to help you keep up.
Paired for power and portability.

Paired for power and portability.

The Slim External DVD Writer makes a perfect match for your Samsung netbook. Because netbooks are designed for ultra-mobility, they aren’t typically equipped with Optical Disc Drives, which can potentially make booting from a CD or playing a DVD movie a problem. But with the lightweight, portable Optical Disc Drive in tow, you have the perfect on-the-go, stand-alone.
The most gorgeous 7 colours than ever.

The most gorgeous 7 colours than ever.

Samsung’s Slim External DVD Writer is as colourful as it is powerful. It comes in seven cool and vivid colours so you can reflect your own unique sense of style as well as make a perfect match (or mix and match if you prefer) with your Samsung mini or netbook PC. Whether you’re a traditionalist and take your technology in the usual silver, white or black or have an eye for the bold and beautiful with blue, sky blue, red or pink, the choice is all yours.
Travel lighter with this travel writer.

Travel lighter with this travel writer.

We didn’t engineer the Samsung Slim External DVD Writer just to defy expectations; we made it this compact and lightweight because we know that today’s hectic mobile lifestyles demand ultra-portability. A breeze to carry with you while travelling, this sleek, sophisticated DVD writer is always ready for on-the-go assignments.
Enjoy the AV connectivity!

Enjoy the AV connectivity!

AV devices such as TV are available for multimedia files on your disc by connecting Samsung External ODD via USB cable. Just give it two light touches with Tray open and the Drive goes into AV connectivity mode. It lets you enjoy a variety of content including music, pictures and video. From now, Samsung external ODD is not only for storage but also for multimedia!
Windows 7 compatibility

Windows 7 compatibility

The Samsung Slim External DVD Writer was engineered for ultra-compatibility, including Windows 7.
Buffer Under Run Free

Buffer Under Run Free

Buffer Under Run Errors result from writing speed exceeding that of the data transfer speed – a common frustrating occurrence during high speed writing. But Buffer Under Run technology prevents theses obstacles from occurring while enabling PC multitasking.
MAC OS Compatible

MAC OS Compatible

Good news for MAC users: the Samsung Slim External DVD Writer is not only completely compatible with MAC OS, it has received Apple’s official approval. So whether you prefer MAC or Windows for PC, you’re always in business.


Manufactured with lead-free soldering technology and excluding harmful materials harmful to the human body or the environment such as, Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE, the Slim External DVD Writer is one of Samsung’s many eco-products designed to help you lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Firmware Live Update

Firmware Live Update

The Samsung Slim External DVD Writer keeps you at the cutting edge by continually supporting new media and automatically upgrading to the latest firmware versions through your Internet connection. .

General Features

  • Drive TypeDVD writer
  • Enclosure TypeExternal
  • Drive HeightSlim (9.5mm)
  • Loading TypeTray
  • InterfaceUSB 2.0
  • Drive MountingHorizontal / Vertical
  • Buffer Memory1.5MB
  • Supported Disc FormatsDVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+R dual Layer, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-R dual Layer, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, CD-Audio, Video-CD, Photo CD, CD-I(FMV), CD-Text

Data Transfer Rate

  • DVD+R

    • Write8X (10.8MB/sec)
    • Read8X (10.8MB/sec)
  • DVD+R Dual Layer

    • Write6X (8.1MB/sec)
    • Read8X (10.8MB/sec)
  • DVD-R

    • Write8X (10.8MB/sec)
    • Read8X (10.8MB/sec)
  • DVD-R Dual Layer

    • Write6X (8.1MB/sec)
    • Read8X (10.8MB/sec)
  • DVD+RW

    • Write8X (10.8MB/sec)
    • Read8X (10.8MB/sec)
  • DVD-RW

    • Write6X (8.1MB/sec)
    • Read8X (10.8MB/sec)

    • Write8X (10.8MB/sec)

    • Write5X (6.75MB/sec)
    • Read5X (6.75MB/sec)
  • CD-R

    • Write24X (3.6MB/sec)
    • Read24X (3.6MB/sec)
  • CD-RW

    • Write24X (3.6MB/sec)
    • Read24X (3.6MB/sec)
  • CD-ROM

    • WriteN/A
    • Read24X (3.6MB/sec)
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Performance Feature

  • Average Access Time

    • DVD-ROM190ms
    • CD-ROM190ms
  • Burst Transfer Rate

    • SATAN/A
    • PIO Mode 4N/A
    • DMA Mode 2N/A
    • UDMA Mode 4N/A
    • UDMA Mode 2N/A
  • Disc Labeling SupportNo
  • Disc Labeling Media Ver 1.2 SupportN/A
  • Disc Labeling Time

    • DVD Media: Best ModeN/A
    • CD Media: Best ModeN/A


  • AV ConnectivityYes
  • Buffer Under Run Free TechnologyYes
  • Speed Adjustment Technology: S.A.TYes
  • Double O.P.C TechnologyYes
  • Firmware Live UpdateYes
  • Tilt Actuator Compensation Technology: T.A.CYes
  • Eco-ProductYes
  • Weight Balancing System: W.B.SNo
  • Automatic Ball Balancing System: A.B.SNo

Physical Feature

  • Dimension (WxHxD)146 x 137.2 x 17 (mm)
  • Weight0.27 (Kg) under

Retail Kit Weight&Dimension

  • Dimension (WxHxD)182 x 175 x 60 (mm)
  • Weight0.41 (Kg) under

Ratings and Reviews (12)

Overall Ratings

8 out of 12 (66%) customers recommend this product





- Gender: - Age:

This portable disk drive is great. It's small, fast, and just great!

California - Gender: - Age:
Great Samsung Product!

Easy to connect. Worked perfectly with my pc. I also love how portable it is..I've been able to carry it around with my laptop in the same bag with no problems.

Green Bay, WI - Gender: - Age:

Needed an external dvd-writer for my laptop after it's internal one died. This works perfectly. Good write speeds & better read speeds. Hope to see USB 3.

0 type external drives like this to come out eventually. Maybe even be Blu-ray writers then with improved speeds ;).

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ca - Gender: - Age:
Great product

Fast speeds for playing DVD's, I like the fact that it is very lightweight and is compatible with all my operating systems. Also the fact that it enables me to do faster read writes on older machines! Recommend Highly!

Andrew Harrison

Samsung SE-S084C review

Are the days of the optical disc truly numbered? We certainly see plenty of netbooks and even nettops that lack the requisite slot or tray to read a...

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