128GB 2.5-inch SSD840 Pro SATA III(Basic)


Choose a solid state drive that’s perfect for all your business needs. The Samsung SSD 840 PRO delivers the unrivalled user experience that professionals need, giving you high-speed, powerful computing performance and outstanding multitasking. Thanks to world-class Samsung engineering, your reliable SSD drive won’t let you down, either. You can even rest easy with a free 5-year limited warranty. And, thanks to the fact that Samsung SSDs are designed in-house, and the components are built in-house too, you can even enjoy lower power consumption, better energy efficiency and more. 4.842 5 19 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Experience the ultimate high-speed performance
  • Trust in reliable engineering and a 5-year warranty
  • Enjoy enhanced multitasking with Windows 8
  • Benefit from comprehensive in-house design

Awards & Warranty

An essential element for professional computing

As a perfectionist in search of the best performance and with a desire to be among the best in your field, you deserve Samsung’s SSD 840 PRO. The 840 PRO is the fastest and most-reliable SSD on the market - like nothing you’ve seen before. It assures a top-notch user experience, which guarantees better output on your behalf. The 840 PRO is the best choice for professionals looking to supercharge their workflow.

Unrivaled high performance. The top SSD for the top professionals.

The Samsung SSD 840 PRO is a high-performance SSD designed for power users. Capable of delivering up to 100000 IOPS, the 840 PRO offers the ultimate performance for power computing when it matters most. Sophisticated performance enhancing features deliver consistent speed for demanding applications under heavy workloads.

Industry-leading reliability

From the world’s leading storage engineers at the #1 maker of SSD components, Samsung’s SSD 840 Series delivers rock-solid reliability and sustained high performance over time and under heavy use. Additionally, the 840 PRO carries a generous 5-year limited warranty.

Multi-tasking multiplied. A powerful complement to Windows 8.

Outstanding Multi Tasking Performance : Windows 8’s intuitive new Metro UI encourages multitasking. Samsung’s 840 Series SSD ensures users will experience great, lag-free performance when working with multiple applications. Consistently Fast Boot Time : Worn-in Windows installations must manage a plethora of third-party applications, many of which load instructions at start-up. While an HDD will suffer performance deficits over time, the 840 Series industry-leading Random Read Speeds and Latency time ensure that boot times remain fast even after months of heavy OS use and application installs.

A True End-to-End, Integrated Solution

Samsung SSDs are designed completely in-house. To arrive at the perfect solution, Samsung builds all of the main SSD components itself. The result is enhanced performance with Toggle DDR2 NAND flash, lower power consumption with LPDDR2 cache memory, and better energy efficiency with the 3-core MDX controller.

Toggle DDR2 NAND Flash Memory

Samsung’s Toggle DDR2 NAND flash chips enable data transfer rates of up to 400 megabits per second (Mbps)-more than three times as fast as previous chips – offering dramatic read speed performance improvements. In addition to performance improvements, the chips also consume less power than competing NAND.

3-core MDX controller

More powerful and energy-efficient than our previous generation controller, the new Cortex-R4 CPU-based Samsung MDX controller accomplishes more under the same power conditions than the previous-generation MCX controller.

Ultra Low Power Consumption for Longer Battery Life

Samsung has made major leaps forward in power efficiency with the 840 Series.  It boasts the lowest idle power consumption of any SSD*, an extremely important achievement considering that SSDs spend a vast majority of their time sitting idle (a positive side-effect of their extremely fast processing speeds). In fact, Samsung's new MDX controller consumes only 40mwatt of power during idle mode - half that of its predecessor and up to 97% less than other SSD controllers. Further improvements come from the use of LPDDR2 cache memory, which offers higher performance while consuming 30% less power when active and 93% less power when idle than regular DDR2 or DDR3 memory. All of this results in an improvement of up to 30 minutes in battery life over the 830 Series, letting you get more out of your mobile experience. *MobileMark2007 CPU: Intel core-i5-2410M CPU@2.3GHz Chipset: Intel QM67 PCH (Integrated Intel GFX) Memory: 4GB 1067HMHz DDR3

Keep your data safe with Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Technology

Simply enable an HDD password via your computer’s BIOS, and Samsung’s SSD 840 applies data encryption automatically. You can re-purpose your drive or dispose of your data simply by running a Secure Erase through Samsung’s Magician software. * Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

General Features

  • Compatible DeviceClient PCs, Enterprise Computing
  • Capacity128GB (1GB=1 Billionbyte)
  • Form Factor2.5 inch
  • InterfaceSATA 6Gb/s (Compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s)
  • Dimension (WxHxD)100 x 69.85 x 6.8 (mm)
  • WeightMax 52.5g
  • Storage MemorySamsung 2x nm Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash Memory
  • ControllerSamsung 3-core MDX Controller
  • Cache MemorySamsung 256MB Low Power DDR2 SDRAM

Special Feature

  • TRIM SupportYes
  • S.M.A.R.T SupportYes
  • GC (Garbage Collection)Auto
  • Encryption SupportYes (AES 256bit)
  • WWN SupportYes
  • Device Sleep Mode SupportNo
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  • Sequential ReadUp to 530MB/sec
  • Sequential WriteUp to 390MB/sec
  • Random Read (4KB, QD32)Up to 97000 IOPS
  • Random Write (4KB, QD32)Up to 90000 IOPS
  • Random Read (4KB, QD1)Up to 9800 IOPS
  • Random Write (4KB, QD1)Up to 31000 IOPS


  • Average Power Consumption (system level)0.069W (Typical)
  • Power consumption (Idle)0.054W (DIPM on), 0.349W (DIPM off)
  • Allowable Voltage5V ± 5%
  • Reliability (MTBF)1.5M Hours
  • Operating Temperature0 - 70°C
  • Shock1500G & 0.5ms (Half sine)


  • Management SWMagician Software


  • Warranty5 years limited (client PC use only, 1 year data retention)

Ratings and Reviews (19)

Overall Ratings

18 out of 19 (94%) customers recommend this product





Kos, Greece - Gender: - Age:

I use this product less than a month. It is very good, reliable and durable .The software is very useful and add extra value to the ssd. I recomend this product .

- Gender: - Age:
This drive offers great speed for an amazing value

I recently purchased the Samsung Pro series drive. Install of the drive is simple and quick. The performance of the drive far exceeds the performanceof another brand SSD that i have.

I have made the Samsung SSD my primary drive now. The performance from this drive is excellent, i feel i am really getting my money worth out of this drive.

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Georgia - Gender: - Age:
Simply Awesome!

WOW! My programs are installing and loading so much faster than they did with my old mechanical drive. Even web pages are loading faster than ever. Games are loading much faster, too.

I certainly expected an increase in performance over my older mechanical drive, but this drive has really impressed me. I now understand why this SSD has gotten so many great reviews. This thing is awesome! I love it! Look, you probably can't go wrong with any brand of SSD, today. Any SSD is going to perform better than your typical mechanical drive. That being said, I am very impressed with the performance of the Samsung 840 Pro SSD and I highly recommend it. Plus, having the 5-year warranty (5-Years for Pro Version, 3-Years for standard 840 version) makes me feel even better about my purchase. Oh, and the Magician software is a very nice addition to this SSD as well. Don't be stressing out on what SSD you should get. Just get this bad boy and be done with it. You'll be glad you did. Promise! I just built myself a new computer this year (2014) and would like to share my system specs with you. If you're considering a new build, hopefully my system specs can be helpful to you. Good luck with your new build! Here Are My System Specs: CPU - Intel i7-4771 & Stock Heatsink Motherboard - ASUS Z87-Pro (V Edition) SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB (1600) Low Profile/Voltage (1.3V) GPU - NVIDIA GTX 780 OS - Windows 8.1 Pro (64-Bit) Power Supply - Seasonic 660W Platinum Series Case - Corsair Carbide Series Air 540

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- Gender: - Age:
Great Drive

Runs great in Raid 0, But there is no Software support under Raid. Which I don't understand.

Mike Jennings

Samsung 840 Pro review

Quick, but it isn't fast or cheap enough to beat our favourite high-end SSD...

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Jon L Jacobi

Samsung 840 Pro 256GB review

The Samsung 840 Pro 256GB is the fastest consumer SSD around, and its 7mm thickness makes it compatible with thin-and-light laptops. It also comes wi...

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