Galaxy S4 S View Cover


Galaxy S4 S View Cover Choose a case that not only protects your Galaxy S4 but offers unrivalled interaction and convenience. With the White S View Cover, you can take calls when the case is closed – just swipe on the cover to answer. The viewing window lets you check the time, current music track, missed call status and more. When you open the White S View Cover, your phone’s screen will come on automatically. If you want to make the most of your Galaxy S4, this is the case for you. 4.667 5 15 reviews

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Galaxy S4 S View Cover


  • Trust in Samsung design developed specially for Galaxy S4
  • Answer a call with the cover closed simply by swiping it
  • See the time, missed calls and more with the case closed
  • Just open the case and the screen comes on automatically

Better Protection and Greater Convenience

Better Protection and Greater Convenience
The S View Cover has a transparent window in front of it, allowing users to view information such as date, time, incoming call number, missed calls, text messages, battery status, and access the music player panel, without having to actually flip the cover open.

Answer / End calls without opening the cover

Answer / End calls without opening the cover
The S View window makes it possible for you to answer and reject calls without opening the cover.

Automatic Power On / Off Display

Automatic Power On / Off Display
The S View Cover has a special built-in sensor that automatically turns your phone on and off using the technology built into the cover.

Custom Design

Custom Design
These cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The back easily snaps on, replacing the phone’s standard battery cover, without making the phone feel bulky.

Screen Protection

Screen Protection
The Samsung S View Cover provides maximum protection, reducing smears and scratches.

tech specs


  • Colour


Physical Dimension

  • Weight


  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    71 x 136 x 11mm



  • Type

    S View Cover


  • Compatible Models

    For Galaxy S4

General Features

  • Packaging Contents

    Retail Box


Owners Overall Ratings

12 out of 15 (80%) customers recommend this product

  • Features4.6/5.0
  • Performance4.5/5.0
  • Design4.2/5.0
  • Value3.9/5.0

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value4/5.0

Stand out from the crowd

I love this colour and it really makes my phone stand out from the rest. The main screen automatically shuts off when the cover is closed (saving battery power) and then you can view the time, status and any messages through the clear plastic window.

If a call comes in, you just swipe the icon that appears and that answers your call. Would definitely recommend.

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    Great overall

    I have taken time deciding which phone to buy and I'm so glad I got this one. I'm really happy with all the apps, although probably more than I willuse.

    The camera is great and this is the first phone I've had that will get me on to the Internet away from home. All in all I'm extremely pleased with my purchase

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    Customer review from Tesco.com



    • Features5/5.0
    • Performance5/5.0
    • Design5/5.0
    • Value4/5.0

    Love the design

    I have had this for a week and I absolutely love it. It does not add any bulkiness to the phone. Keeps the phone lightweight and easy to carry in your pant pockets.

    I was hesitant about it because you have to remove the phones original back cover and attach it to the case back cover, how ever it stays on great. A bit pricey but worth it. The nice thing about this flip case if you drop it and crack the back cover it is not the original and easy fix, buy a new flip cover. There are also colors to choose from which is a nice feature. If you don't have one buy one. You wont be disappointed.

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    Customer review from samsung.com/us/



    • Features5/5.0
    • Performance5/5.0
    • Design5/5.0
    • Value5/5.0

    Best Case Cover Ever!

    The case has it all! The functionality and sleekness without the fuss. Keeps the phone screen protected and slim.

    Customer review from samsung.com/us/


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