Galaxy S4 Protective Cover +


The Galaxy S4’s Green Protective Cover is the perfect way to not only minimise damage but also show your style. Its slim-line design is specifically matched to the Galaxy S4 and ensures that your smartphone doesn’t become bulky. And considering that the Galaxy S4 is a life companion, it is nice to know that it’s ready to handle life’s little knocks. 4 5 5 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Show your style with a specially designed case
  • Keep your Galaxy S4 free from scratches
  • Enjoy a choice of cool colour options
  • Maintain a chic look and feel with its slim design
Better Protection

Better Protection

The Protective Cover protects the phone in a number of ways. A rubber bezel helps absorb some of the impact the corners of the phone may endure when dropped and provides protection against surface damage from everyday use. The Samsung Protective Cover also creates a space buffer between the screen and surfaces to prevent scratches when the Galaxy S4 is placed face down.


  • ColourGreen

Physical Dimension

  • Weight24.9g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)73.8 x 140.6 x 11.2mm
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  • TypeProtective Cover+


  • Compatible ModelsFor Galaxy S4

General Features

  • Packaging ContentsRetail Box

Ratings and Reviews (5)

Overall Ratings

3 out of 5 (60%) customers recommend this product





Lucknow - Gender: - Age:
Galaxy S4 "Non-protective Cover"

The design is great but it does not protects.The S4 dropped from 2 feet distance ,dropped on one of it's corners and and the Gorilla Glass 3 cracked.

Meriden, CT - Gender: - Age:
Good Product

This case was just what I was looking for! Its sleek and low profile and just what I was looking for to protect the S4. My only problem was the highprice for such a simple case.

But I paid it because its the exact case I was looking for! I would recommend.

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Peoria, IL - Gender: - Age:
Great, sturdy case

I chose this case primarily based on its looks but once I got it on my phone, I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality of it. All the perimeter buttons are nicely covered while still providing excellent tactile feedback.

No issues with port alignments or accessory fitments either. It has a smooth finish on the back and sort of a matte finish on the edges, which I like a lot. It's just right for not slipping out of your hand while not sticking to the insides of your pockets. The only suggestion I'd make to Samsung on this case is to make the little "nub" on the speaker port a little bigger. The stock back cover to the phone itself already has what seems like a microscopic bump on it to keep the speaker from being completely covered when you lay the phone down on its back on a flat surface. The case has what seems like an even smaller bump so when you lay the phone flat on it's back with the case on, any music or sound gets slightly muffled - not something that increasing the volume won't remedy. Overall, a great case for everyday usage.

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Illinois - Gender: - Age:
Loved it on my Note 2, Love it on my S4

I have this on my Note 2 and feel that this is the best slim case on the market in terms of protection and blending to the phone. It gives adds a nice grip to the phone in your hand but does not get hung up in your pocket when trying to take it out.

Fit perfectly with my Spigen Glass Tr screen protector. It is like they were made for one another.

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