Galaxy S4 Protective Cover +


The Galaxy S4’s Navy Blue Protective Cover is the perfect way to not only minimise damage but also show your style. Its slim-line design is specifically matched to the Galaxy S4 and ensures that your smartphone doesn’t become bulky. And considering that the Galaxy S4 is a life companion, it is nice to know that it’s ready to handle life’s little knocks. 4 5 7 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Show your style with a specially designed case
  • Keep your Galaxy S4 free from scratches
  • Enjoy a choice of cool colour options
  • Maintain a chic look and feel with its slim design
Better Protection

Better Protection

The Protective Cover protects the phone in a number of ways. A rubber bezel helps absorb some of the impact the corners of the phone may endure when dropped and provides protection against surface damage from everyday use. The Samsung Protective Cover also creates a space buffer between the screen and surfaces to prevent scratches when the Galaxy S4 is placed face down.


  • ColourNavy Blue

Physical Dimension

  • Weight24.9g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)73.8 x 140.6 x 11.2mm
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  • TypeProtective Cover+


  • Compatible ModelsFor Galaxy S4

General Features

  • Packaging ContentsRetail Box

Ratings and Reviews (7)

Overall Ratings

6 out of 7 (85%) customers recommend this product





Texas - Gender: - Age:
Poor fit - does not cover top of phone.

This black and navy blue protective case is attractive, slim, and seems durable. I like that it doesn't add any noticeable bulkiness to the phone. Asfar as the fit goes.

..... Mine may be defective, as it does not cover the top of the phone completely. There is a large gap between the top of my S4 and the this case. The rest of it seems to fit OK. It would be great if Samsung would trade this out for one that fits properly.

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- Gender: - Age:
Perfect fit!

The title says it all - this protective cover is a perfect fit to the S4. It is extremely light weight and the increase in the phone size adding thecover is insignificant.

Provides excellent protection to the phone. Even the screen is protected as the cover has a small edge over the screen so even when the phone is face down on a flat surface, the screen does not touch the surface. Highly recommended accessory for the Galaxy S4!

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LongIsland, NY - Gender: - Age:
it does what it says it does!

I have to say, after the galaxy s4 came out, I really didn't like any of samsungs accessories for the phone, until I found this one. It fits perfectly, without any gaps.

It is well made and does what it has to do to protect your phone. Now, I haven't tested, but it looks sturdy. I would definitely recommend this accessory for your galaxy s4. The only reason I took off a star was because they do not make a black color? The darkest color is navy, for whatever reason, I have no idea...

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NJ - Gender: - Age:
Awesome case with one design flaw...

This case fits my S4 perfectly. It's a hard case, very lightweight, with a slightly softer, rubbery surround, and what feels like a stiff cushioned inner backing.

That's very good because the phone is tightly encased by the rubbery edges and it doesn't seem to move or get loose at all. The back is a hard, smooth plastic that is much less prone to finger smudges than the original S4 back cover. The rubbery surround creates a small lip all around the front of the phone, and it's just tall enough to allow you to place the phone screen side down without having to worry about scratching the glass. The slot cut outs are all perfectly aligned, and the soft button coverings are easy to find and push. The only flaw I found is with the speaker hole cut out. The cut out itself is perfectly aligned but the small lip that's suppose to lift that area of the phone to hear the speaker loudly is just too short. If the phone is placed on it's back on a table, it always muffles the sound quite a bit. It really needs to be a good millimeter taller to function properly. Otherwise, I really love the case fit and feel. Hopefully Samsung can make the adjustment to that lip for future versions of the case.

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