D980BEMultimedia Desk Dock


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  • Connections: P30 (for power / data), 3.5mm Audio line out, Mini HDMI connection
  • Size: 124.7 x 105.5 x 30mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Design: Portrat

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Tauranga, New Zealand - Gender: - Age:
Brought for HDMI transfer. Doesn't work.

Brought this for HDMI transfer. brought the HDMI Mini - HDMI cable. Plugged in, and doesn't work at all. Not happy. No instructions on any additionalsettings that need to be changed.

So not happy.

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Poughkeepsie, NY - Gender: - Age:
Primary reason for it's existence: HDMI doesn't work

Although it does allow charging, and probably will allow an audio connection (I didn't try it yet) the primary reason for going with it is to gain anHDMI connection, and for this is is a total failure.

I imagine one of the OTG devices that add flash card and USB support will work "through" it, but they don't need it for them to work, so it's just a stand as far as they are concerned. As a stand it's only just barely passable; the base is too small for the size of the unit when it has to be inserted in a portrait orientation.

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Ireland - Gender: - Age:
This product could & should have more features!

As this product DOES charge my Samsung Galaxy Tab I have to totally disagree with Peter from Australia who stated in his review that it didn't chargehis.

However he was correct when he stated there was no charging cable included which was a big letdown, especially from a company like Samsung. Luckily I had already purchased an additional, longer, charging cable which works great with this product. I use Bluetooth to connect with my Logitech speakers and keyboard but there is an audio out connection if you prefer to use wired speakers. Overall I am happy with my purchase which looks good on my desk and does not take up a lot of space.

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Australia - Gender: - Age:
total waste of money,

the docking station should be called a STAND. thats all it does. no usb charging , no usb cable with it anyway. Total waste of money

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