Grey ATIV Smart PC Book Cover (AA-BS5NBCG)


Grey ATIV Smart PC Book Cover (AA-BS5NBCG) Protect your ATIV Smart PC with a book cover case from Samsung. It has been specially developed to be as slim, stylish and lightweight as possible, so you can enjoy maximum portability on the go. This versatile protective cover can even be folded into differently-angled stands for your Smart PC, helping you to enjoy comfortable typing or hands-free viewing wherever you choose. 2.75 5 4 reviews

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Grey ATIV Smart PC Book Cover (AA-BS5NBCG)



  • Use a cover designed for the ATIV Smart PC
  • Be mobile with slim and lightweight design
  • Convert it into a stand for easy viewing or typing
  • Stay stylish on the move with an elegant look

tech specs


  • Colour


Physical Specification

  • Size

    306 x 191 x 13.8mm / 355 x 228 x 35mm

  • Type

    Book Cover

  • Weight

    200g / 500g


Owners Overall Ratings

2 out of 4 (50%) customers recommend this product

  • Features2.5/5.0
  • Performance2.5/5.0
  • Design2.7/5.0
  • Value3.5/5.0

Owner Reviews

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  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value5/5.0

The cover fits the ativ tablet nicely

This is a well designed tablet cover. I'm quite satisfied with this purchase.

Customer review from samsung.com/us/



  • Features3/5.0
  • Performance3/5.0
  • Design3/5.0
  • Value3/5.0

color choice

Nice product. But I really wish it came in orange.

Customer review from samsung.com/us/



  • Features1/5.0
  • Performance1/5.0
  • Design2/5.0
  • Value3/5.0

Poor Design

I bought this case in order to protect my Tablet PC, which it does, but it does not allow me to put the Tablet PC on the Dock Stand while this case is on.

This is very frustrating as I now have to remove the case every time I go to place the Tablet PC on the Dock Stand. Whoever designed this case should have taken into consideration the other accessories that were being offered for the device. I do not recommend anyone to buy this case and the Dock Stand together. Only choose one or the other. I will never waste my money on this combination by Samsung again.

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Customer review from samsung.com/us/



  • Features1/5.0
  • Performance1/5.0
  • Design1/5.0
  • Value3/5.0


Just bought this case, arrived in the mail 2 hours ago. But it does not fit my 11.6" ATIV SmartPC! It is too small by a few mm in every direction, enough to make it unfixable or unmanageable to the point where no home modifications could make this work.

Warning, it is clear to me now that this is designed for the ATIV Smart PC 500 and not the 700 which is the pro version, and so Samsung should label it as such. This tablet case's information is very miss leading, and is an easy mistake it as a case for the 700. Further more, the 700 and 500 appear identical in appearance, even in most dimensions, giving the impression that the only change is to the internal hardware and not the actual shape, further adding to accessory problems. A very disappointing purchase from Samsung.

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