NX20 Camera Jacket Case


NX20  Camera Jacket Case Keep your Samsung NX20 Camera protected with style. It’s made of genuine leather, so this jacket case gives you a great look as well as better protection and an enhanced grip while shooting. The built-in hand strap also makes sure you won’t drop your camera by accident. Thanks to its innovative design, you can even leave the jacket on while using a tripod. 1 5 1 reviews

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NX20 Camera Jacket Case


  • Protect your NX20 wherever you go
  • Stay stylish with genuine leather design
  • Get a better grip while you are shooting
  • Keep the jacket on while you use a tripod

Stylish and Premium Design

Stylish and Premium Design
Now you can show off your beautiful NX20 camera in its elegantly smart protective shell at the same time! The CJN20B jacket case is made of luxurious genuine leather in a classic retro design.

Better Protection

Better Protection
The genuine leather and soft lining material of the CJN20B jacket case offer great protection for your camera, even when taking pictures. And you don’t need to remove the jacket when you’re using a tripod as it fits neatly around the connecting point.

More Stability and More Convenient

More Stability and More Convenient
The leather jacket enhances your grasp of the camera, keeping it securely in your grip. It also helps you to keep a steadier hand when taking pictures.

tech specs

Physical Specification

  • Exterior Size (W x H x D)

    128 x 63 x 51[mm]

  • Weight



  • Colour




  • Compatible Models


General Features

  • Material

    Genuine Leather

  • Case Lock Method

    Tripod Screw


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  • Features3/5.0
  • Performance1/5.0
  • Design3/5.0
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Faulty EVF both NX20 and NX10

This was my first CSC. We were on holiday last week and I prefer to use the EVF of the camera than the LCD/Amoled display since it is not very usefulduring bright sunlight.

But for what reason the EVF of both camera became blurry, therefore I can not use the EVF. Tried to adjust the diopters of both camera but both remained blurry and useless. This was our first family holiday and it was so disappointing. I was stuck using the LCD/amoled display on a bright sunlight. The build is not as sturdy as I thought. Worst thing is that I bought the NX10 as a back up but same thing happened. Although it has all the feature that I need, it is not as sturdy as I thought. The EVF on both models just rendered useless since both are blurry. Now I would probably send both for repair and cost me more. I will never recommend this product to anybody. One broken EVF is enough but two that broke on the same day is just unacceptable. It is a no no no and never again that I would buy this product.

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