DA-E750 Wireless Audio Dock with Valve Amplifier (iPod and Galaxy)


Enjoy your music with excellent audio, from any device. The Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock lets you dock two devices at the same time and supports a range of Samsung mobile devices and others. You can also wirelessly sync and play music, thanks to AllShare Play and Airplay. Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity and the advanced apt-X codec ensure that data streams quickly and with no loss of quality. And, with a built-in Valve Amplifier Amp, you’ll hear it all with rich and warm sound. 4.7 5 10 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Discover stunning detail and control via valve amplifier
  • Play music wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity
  • Stream music wirelessly via Airplay and AllShare Play
  • Connect Samsung devices as well as Apple products

Awards & Warranty

Elevate your music with extraordinary sound

Elevate your music with extraordinary sound
Utilising the built-in Valve Amplifier Amp, Samsung’s Audio Dock is ready to change the way you listen to music. By recreating the harmonic sound elements, the Audio Dock produces a richer and warmer experience - creating a true High Fidelity sound to enjoy. And thanks to the tonal balance of each instrument within the high, medium and low pitch sounds, the experience is unmistakably full, natural, and harmonious; just the way it should be!

The world’s first dual docking audio system

The world’s first dual docking audio system
The Samsung Audio Dock is a part of your entertainment system that you can rely on. As the world’s first dual docking system, users can enjoy their music from various smart devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, or other products such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad. This flexibility simplifies your audio set-up band also saves you the hassle of having to buy various audio systems that match your particular smart devices. * Samsung Audio Dock App is required for Galaxy devices.

Unleash your music with AllShare Play and Airplay

Unleash your music with AllShare Play and Airplay
Listening to your favourite music is now easier than ever before with Samsung’s AllShare Play and Airplay capabilities. Whether it is from your Samsung Galaxy devices or your Apple products, the Samsung Audio Dock’s wireless content sharing allows you to sync and play music effortlessly. The built-in Wi-Fi technology also allows you to take control anywhere in your house, giving you the freedom to access and play your music without actually docking your device. This really is music at your fingertips.

Built-in subwoofer bass brings music to life

Built-in subwoofer bass brings music to life
You don’t have to buy expensive additional equipment to enjoy deep and rich bass audio. Unlike comparable hardware from other brands, your Samsung Audio Dock includes a powerful built-in subwoofer to rock your living room. Enjoy a more dramatic listening experience with a greater range of low-end sound.

Experience high-quality sound with premium speakers

Experience high-quality sound with premium speakers
Listen to music at its best with a better quality of speaker. Featuring premium glass fibre construction and phase plug design, they deliver clear and accurate sound output from the amplifier. You’ll experience your music as it was meant to be heard, with more faithful playback and less distortion than ever before.

Play music directly from USB sources

Play music directly from USB sources
Make sure you can access all your music – including via digital formats. This means that you can now play songs directly from USB memory sticks. Make the most of MP3, WAV and WMA audio files with professional-grade sound.
Enjoy fast and high-quality music

Enjoy fast and high-quality music

With the benefit of Bluetooth 3.0 and the superior apt-X codec, transferring music no longer means a loss of quality. The Samsung Audio Dock allows for faster streaming of data without losing the original sound quality, which is usually the case with file compressions. The highly regarded Bluetooth 3.0 and apt-X technology prevents this from happening, and even allows CD quality music to be sent. So, if you are serious about your transferred sound quality, Bluetooth 3.0 with apt-X technology is a must have feature.

Make the most of Samsung Audio Dock App features

Make the most of Samsung Audio Dock App features
Download the Samsung audio app and play music from Galaxy devices and access a range of useful functional features. You can check battery level, find out what the time is and hear reports of the weather and even the current temperature. Bluetooth enabled Android devices benefit from auto pairing, which makes streaming and enjoying your various music collections nice and easy. The app can also remember where your music stopped playing after being disconnected for a phone call, and will then play from that very same spot when reconnected. *Certain Android devices will not be able to use this application due to firmware compatibility issues.
iPod / iPhone / iPad

iPod / iPhone / iPad

* Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Player, iPhone, iPod and iPad * "Made for iPod", "Made for iPhone", "Made for iPad" means accessory has been designed to connect with such Apple devices and has been certified to meet Apple standards. * Apple is not responsible for operation or compliance with regulatory standards. Use of this accessory may affect wireless performance. * iPad, iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries
AUX Connectivity

AUX Connectivity

Access a range of sound sources via Aux input. If it uses a 3.5mm plug, you can connect your CD / DVD player, karaoke machine, MP3 player, record turntable or other device. Get connected and hear it all.

General Features

  • No. of Channels2.1
  • Total Power100W

Decoding Format

  • MP3Yes
  • WMAYes
  • WAVYes
  • APTXYes
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Audio Feature

  • Power BassYes


  • AllShare PlayYes
  • USB Host 2.0Yes
  • Micro-USBYes
  • AirPlayYes
  • Wi-Fi DirectNo
  • BluetoothYes
  • Composite OutputNo
  • Number of Audio Input1 ea
  • Headphone JackNo
  • Wireless LANYes


  • AMNo
  • FMNo

Special Feature

  • Crystal Amplifier PlusYes
  • Valve AmpYes


  • Main20W x 2
  • Woofer60W x 1


  • Remote ControllerYes
  • Analog Audio CableYes
  • User ManualYes
  • Power CableYes

Docking Compatible

  • iPodYes
  • iPhoneYes
  • iPadYes
  • Galaxy S2Yes
  • Galaxy NoteYes
  • Galaxy PlayerYes
  • Galaxy TabNo


  • Product Dimension (WxHxD)450 x 148 x 240mm
  • Gross Dimension (WxHxD): One Packing572 x 226 x 338mm


  • Product Weight8.6kg
  • Gross Weight: One Packing10kg


  • Stand-by Power Consumption0.26W
  • Operating Power Consumption0.43W
  • Free VoltageYes

Ratings and Reviews (10)

Overall Ratings

8 out of 10 (80%) customers recommend this product





North Wales, UK - Gender: - Age:
Absolutely brilliant piece of kit!!

After many hours of deliberation I decided to splash out on one off these...and I'm so pleased I did!! It looks amazing, sounds amazing, and is a doddle to set up and use.

Yes there are other wireless audio docks out there that may offer as good a sound experience, possibly for slightly less money...BUT, and it's a big BUT...they will never come close to looking as good as this does!! I'm so pleased with it...I bet my neighbours aren't :-) Plenty powerful enough, clean and crisp audio with no noticeable weak spots across the range of audible frequencies... This is a quality item and worth the high price tag... Even my wife is happy to have it as a permanent resident in our living room :-)

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Melville, NY - Gender: - Age:
Great Performance & Style

The design got it into my living room (It's Mrs. friendly, I love it too). The sound fills the house, clever design, valves are a great touch- I canhear the difference.

It's sexy, and strong. Handles anything I can throw at it, and connects with everything I own (and my friends own). My only "wish" is that there is an offer at some point to add the new Apple dock connector, I'm willing to pay. The performance and compliments I receive from my DA-E750 are well worth the price. thank you for making a pro grade, attractive unit that won't break the bank or spoil the decor. Love it.

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Houston, TX - Gender: - Age:
This product is well worth it's price.

Now how cool is that? wireless sync to your laptop and gadgets. I throw alot of parties with friends and nothing makes it so much easier then this without the hassle of cords.

washington state - Gender: - Age:

This is the best speaker I have ever used. I have Bose, Jawbone, and Sony but this Samsung 751E out performs them all. Deep clear sound that fills the room.

Easy blue tooth sync with all products (Blackberry phone, Android, Iphone, computers, tablets, etc..)

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TV Pairing(SoundShare) Guide

0.01MB, pdf, ENGLISH

25 Jul, 2012

Other Manuals (5)

Firmware (3)

  • Upgrade File(USB type)

    All OS, 1 MB, zip, ENGLISH

    9 Aug, 2012 tooltipbox

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    < DA-E7xx Software >

    This Firmware update provides the following benefits:

    Ver.1004.3 Aug.09. 2012
    - Improve compatibility between TV and audio dock

    All OS, 0.03 MB, zip, ENGLISH

    9 Aug, 2012 tooltipbox

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    < DA-E7xx Software >

    This Firmware update provides the following benefits:

    Ver.1005.0 Aug.09. 2012
    - Improve compatibility between TV and audio dock
  • Upgrade guide

    All OS, 0.04 MB, pdf, ENGLISH

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