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MM-E460D DAB Micro Hifi System (iPod / iPhone / Galaxy)


Choose a Samsung MM-E460D Micro Audio System and experience great connectivity as well as powerful audio. You can easily connect your MP3 player, CD player and more, as well as create your own MP3s using CDs, FM radio or any device you connect via AUX input. The timer function lets you record radio programmes without needing to be there, too. And, thanks to its high-quality audio, you can enjoy it all with deep and powerful bass sound. 4 5 6 reviews

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At a Glance

Power Bass gives your system a big boost

Your Samsung Micro Audio System is designed to deliver a deeper and richer bass sound. The vibrations radiate through the speaker system to ensure all low notes are produced. The powerful sound will take your entertainment to the next level and make you feel as if you were in the theatres. Enjoy powerful sounds with Samsung’s Micro Audio Systems.

Lets your portable devices rock your room.

Whether you like to DJ from your MP3 player or old CD player, Samsung’s Portable Audio In function lets you connect your audio device of choice so you can enjoy your favourite songs with the full and feature-laden sound of your mini and micro component .The conveniently positioned input on the front panel makes plugging in a breeze.

Make your music into MP3s easily

Enjoy fast and flexible MP3 creation from a range of audio sources. With the built-in EZ MP3 Maker, you can use your audio system to make high-quality MP3 files via CD ripping or recording from FM radio and AUX input. With a suitable cable, you can even connect a turntable and transfer vinyl records into digital media. It’s easy to convert your music collection into this convenient modern format.

Don’t miss your favourite radio programme even when you are away.

Enjoy your favourite radio programme once you have Samsung Audio System’s Radio Recording Timer feature. By letting your audio start recording at a particular time that you’ve set and record only for a certain length of time as you like, Samsung Audio System allows you not to miss any single radio programme that you like. Be flexible with your schedule, not being restricted by the fixed time of your favourite radio programme.


Bluetooth is the new way of connecting device to device wirelessly. Samsung audio system is equipped with Bluetooth, it can connect with compatible portable devices wirelessly. Listen to music using your portable music player or even cellular phone without connecting wires.

CD Ripping

Take your favourite tracks with you on your MP3 player. In minutes, you can convert your CDs to MP3s with the CD ripping feature. Extract audio tracks from your CDs simply by inserting your CD and pressing the ripping button.

iPod / iPhone

* Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Player, iPhone and iPod * "Made for iPod", "Made for iPhone" means accessory has been designed to connect with such Apple devices and has been certified to meet Apple standards. * Apple is not responsible for operation or compliance with regulatory standards. Use of this accessory may affect wireless performance. * iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries


  • Channel2Ch
  • Front Speaker Driver Size (Woofer, Tweeter)5"
  • Front Speaker Power60W
  • PMPO1400W
  • Rear Speaker Driver Size (Woofer, Tweeter)No
  • Rear Speaker PowerNo
  • RMS120W
  • Subwoofer Driver SizeNo
  • Subwoofer PowerNo

Basic Feature

  • DemoYes
  • Disc Capacity1
  • Dimmer/Display keyYes
  • DisplayDAB Digital Radio
  • LED Flash SpeakerNo
  • LED Flash VolumeNo
  • Preset EQ17
  • Radio Rec TimerYes
  • Repeat/Skip/SearchYes / Yes / Yes
  • Search JogNo
  • Timer/Clock/SleepYes / Yes / Yes
  • User EQNo
  • Power BassYes
  • Giga SoundNo
  • MP3 EnhancerYes (EQ Mode)
  • Frequency Response20Hz ~ 20KHz
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  • Karaoke ScoringNo
  • Mic + Music USB REC (CD Disc)No
  • MIC JackNo
  • Mic VolumeNo
  • FanfareNo
  • Key ControlNo
  • My KaraokeNo


  • ComponentYes
  • CompositeYes
  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)Yes
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel)Yes
  • AUX IN (Front)No
  • AUX IN (L,R)1
  • BluetoothYes
  • CD Ripping (X1 with playing occasion)Yes
  • EZ MP3 MakerYes (CDX3)
  • HDMI OutYes
  • Headphone Jack1
  • Galaxy Built-in DockYes
  • Scart OutYes (Only EXT AV)
  • USB Host1
  • Wireless Speaker ReadyNo


  • AMNo
  • DABYes
  • FMYes
  • RDSYes


  • DTSNo
  • Dolby DigitalYes
  • Compatible DiscDVD, DVD±R, DVD±RW, CD (DA, -R, -RW)
  • Dolby Pro Logic IINo
  • Compatible FileDivX (3.11 / 4.x / 5.x / 6.x / HD), MP3, WMA, WMV (1 / 2 / 3 / 7), JPEG
  • Video Up-Scale (DVD)Yes
  • Preset Memory15
  • Auto ChangeNo


  • Number of Pack1
  • Front Speaker Net Dimension (1-Piece) (WxHxD)144 x 191 x 260mm
  • Gross Weight7.3kg
  • Package Dimension (WxHxD): Boxing Outer Size324 x 417 x 381mm
  • Set Net Dimension (WxHxD)230 x 120 x 230mm
  • Set Package Weight1.9kg
  • Speaker Package Weight4.4kg


  • Made for iPod/iPhoneYes
  • iPod/iPhone over USBNo
  • iPod/iPhone Dock Cradle includedNo
  • iPod/iPhone Built-in DockYes
  • iPad Built-in DockNo

Ratings and Reviews (6)

Overall Ratings

5 out of 6 (83%) customers recommend this product





weston-super-mare, somerset, uk - Gender: - Age:
This product has buttons that do not work and speakers that hiss on DAB

I have owned this product for a week and today the buttons on the unit all stopped working, which means that you cannot open dvd/cd drawer as you cannot do that on the remote.

The drawer when you can open it is flimsy and not well built. The DAB feature is nice but the unit hisses when DAB is on and not when FM or any other source is selected. The whole purpose of DAB is clear hiss free sound and I am afraid this unit does not deliver. As regards sound quality I think that is poor too., far too muffled and bassy for my liking. Previously I have bought many Samsung products ie phone, tv, washing machine, etc but this is the worst item I have ever had from them.

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Gadget Man
UK - Gender: - Age:
This product has great features but some are misleading & build quality poor

Speakers look good & give a deep rich sound which is deceiving for their size. On the downside the main unit does seem flimsy-especially the CD loading tray.

This products boast a radio recording feature. However after purchasing the product it seems that on the radio side it will record FM radio but not DAB radio which I thought was misleading. Be wary of purchasing if you're thinking of playing your television sound through this unit - it does NOT have an optical sound connection. For these reasons I have not given 5*ratings but sound quality & range of other features are excellent

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London - Gender: - Age:
Good features but incorrect information given by Samsung.

Only just received it and it's all looking good so far except for two points. It doesn't fit where it was bought for. The diagram on this site showsthe speakers as 191mm high and they are 262mm.

If I'm going to keep it I will have to use the speakers on their sides overhanging the unit they are on or extend the speaker leads somehow and get brackets to wall mount them, not what I wanted. According to the user manual it also looks like it might not dock a Samsung II in Europe, which I was considering buying. I've marked it down on value as I'm going to have to spend more on it. Lots of the features not tried yet so hope they work if I do keep it. Disappointing :-)

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Banbury Uk - Gender: - Age:
comprehensive and powerful with good sound and subtle design.

I have mine connected to a small HDMI TV, a vinyl record player ,and feed via Bluetooth from a tablet PC. So I have a DVD player, TV stereo sound bar, CD\Record player, DAB\FM radio with Internet radio and podcasts from the tablet.

Plus USB for large MP3 sets or ripping\recording content. All with great quality sound from a small discreet system. I'm almost tempted to buy a Galaxy to go with it. The only minor niggle is the remote control commands are a little complex.

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