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What is HD TV?
HD TV is High Definition TV. It’s broadcast at a higher resolution than standard definition (SD) and gives you exceptionally clear, crisp pictures with up to five times more detail. And, if you have the right equipment, you can enjoy spectacular surround sound too.
What is Freeview HD?
Freeview HD is a television service that offers HD channels available via your existing TV aerial, all for free. It’s available in a set top box that you will need to connect to an HD Ready TV. Or, if you don’t have an HD ready TV, then TVs with Freeview HD built in are also available very soon. Plus, you also get access to up to 50 SD digital channels and radio stations. And all for free.

Freeview HD is simple to set up; just plug in, and with no monthly bills, you just buy today, watch today then it’s free forever.
What can I watch on Freeview HD?
As well as up to 50* free SD channels, Freeview HD gives you all your favourite TV in fabulous HD:
  • The BBC HD channel the best of the BBC channels
  • ITV1 HD - the same as ITV1, but with programmes remastered in HD to improve picture quality
  • Channel 4 HD will launch very soon along with an S4C channel in HD in Wales
* Number of channels available are subject to digital TV coverage at your address, click here to check what’s available to you.
When will Freeview HD products be available to buy?
The first Freeview HD boxes will be available in February 2010. Freeview HD TVs will be available from March and Freeview+ HD recorders will be available later in Spring 2010. You can choose from a range of manufacturers, prices and product features. But they all come with 'just-like-real-life' picture quality and 'hear-a-pin-drop' sound from Dolby.
How much will it cost?
Freeview HD boxes will start from around £140. Check the products section or sign up for the Freeview HD newsletter and Twitter feed for more information on products.

It’s HD from Freeview, so that means no monthly bills or contracts. You just buy today, watch today then it’s free forever.
Will I be able to watch Freeview channels without Freeview HD?
Your existing Freeview equipment will continue to receive all of the Freeview SD channels, so you only need updated equipment if you want to watch the new HD channels on Freeview. But with crystal clear images, super sharp sound, and HD channels from BBC, ITV and Channel4 , there’s so many reasons to upgrade to Freeview HD. It’s what your TV would want.

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