SHC3010D 1m Swivel HDMI Cable


Enhance your entertainment with a more convenient, high-quality cable. The Samsung 1m Swivel HDMI Cable is HDMI certified and it delivers clear and immersive picture and sound as well as a smooth 3D experience as well as. It features a 24K gold terminal and plug for a great connection and is designed for reduced signal error and loss. The plug’s swivel head allows neater and easier connections, especially with limited space, and the cable is also made of eco-friendly materials. 0 5 0 reviews

Recycling Batteries Responsibly

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At a Glance
  • Experience super-smooth visuals in 3D format
  • Enjoy crystal-clear high-quality picture and sound
  • Connect with convenience thanks to swivel head
  • Choose between 1m, 2m, or 3m cable length

HDMI certification guarantees premier performance

HDMI certification guarantees premier performance
Enjoy premier performance with your HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) certification. It ensures that your HDMI cable, with a 12.3Gbps max speed, delivers smooth 3D data for a super-immersive TV experience. It also features a maximum picture resolution of 4000 vertical lines x 2000 horizontal lines – similar to digital projectors used in cinemas. Additionally, the cable’s ARC (Audio Return Channel) combines the upstream audio capability into a single HDMI cable. And with DTS HD and Dolby True HD support, your audio every bit as breathtakingly detailed as the master recording.

See true-to-life entertainment with enhanced signal

See true-to-life entertainment with enhanced signal
Enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound with the high quality HDMI cable’s enhanced signal transmission. Benefits include lower signal error and loss, which is possible due to a short strip length for lower impedance, a 24K gold terminal and plug for quality connectivity. Also adding to the quality transmission is strong noise immunity. This immunity is achieved through seamless plug, a metal can shield, a triple layer shield, and a higher density copper braid shielding. Add to this the improved industry standard test pattern, which delivers lower bit error and a higher standard of image, and lower impedance through a reduced range of impedance flatness. It is a quality of signal transmission that can be seen by the amazing Samsung visual experience.

New flexible HDMI design with swivel head is also eco friendly

New flexible HDMI design with swivel head is also eco friendly
New user-friendly premium HDMI design, with a cable head that has an easy plug-in and swivels, makes the SHC3030D simple to connect. It also drastically reduces the space required between the back of your TV and the wall. A tie band allows you to adjust the cable’s length to allow for easy movement, and for compact storage when not in use. The SHC3030D is easy on the environment too – it’s made from eco-friendly materials, and is 100% free of potentially harmful brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and Polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs). Available in 1m, 2m or 3m lengths.


  • 3D format SupportYes
  • 4K x 2K Resolution SupportYes
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel)Yes
  • CEC (Customer Electronics Control)Yes
  • Deep Color/xvYCCYes
  • Dolby TrueHD/DTS HDYes
  • HDMI High Speed CertificationYes
  • HDMI High Speed with Ethernet CertificationNo
  • HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel)No
  • Max Clock Frequency340MHz
  • Max Speed12.3


  • 24K PlugYes
  • Dimension (WxHxD) (mm)42 x 11.45 x 20.9mm
  • 24K TerminalYes
  • AL Full-Metal Shield CanYes
  • Copper Tape ShieldYes
  • Equalizer ICNo
  • Header TypeSwivel
  • Pin TypeHDMI-A
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  • Cable FastenerYes
  • Copper Braid Purity85%
  • Copper ShieldYes
  • Diameter5.5mm
  • Fabric JacketNo
  • Length1m
  • OFCNo
  • PVC-Free SheathYes

Dimension (WxHxD)

  • Package200 x 50 x 270mm


  • Set (g) (1m, 2m)71.5g / 113.5g
  • Package (g) (1m, 2m)208g / 250g


  • User ManualYes

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