One of the many questions I frequently receive from the new camcorder owners is about the size and usage of the filter. In fact, it is not necessary to use a filter in most ordinary shooting conditions, but a filter is nevertheless useful to protect the lens and add a desired effect to the video.

In today's tip, I will introduce the three main filters required for effective video shooting: the MC projector filter (UV filter), the CPL filter, and the ND filter.

■ MC Projector Filter (UV Filter)

■ CPL Filter


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Another purpose of the CPL filter is to shoot the primary colour of subjects such as the sea or the sky in bright and vivid colour. The following photos are a perfect example

CPLPhoto taken without the CPL filter (left) and with the CPL filter (right)

The CPL filter allows you to shoot bright and vivid scenes of the sea and the sky, such as the photos below.

More photos taken with the CPL filter

Have you ever envied those photos and videos with deep, clear blue sky? Most of them were, in fact, taken using the type of filters we have just discussed. You could also use Photoshop to enhance the colour, but the result tends to feel more artificial. So try using the filters, even if it might seem burdensome at first.

■ CPL Filter

The ND filter is used to reduce the amount of light. On an extremely sunny day, most cameras or camcorders without an ND filter will suffer from over exposure unless you reduce their aperture. However, reducing the aperture will inevitably limit the use of the "outfocusing" effect (I know you love this effect). With the ND filter, you won't have to reduce the aperture so you can take those nice outfocus shots even on sunny days.

In addition, the camcorders, unlike the cameras, have a slower shutter speed and so it is more difficult to adjust the aperture on sunny days. They will need the ND filter to get satisfactory results, regardless of the outfocusing effect.

A Filter may seem burdensome to those of you who are not used to it, but by understanding and using the three filters mentioned above, you will achieve a far better result in terms of colour stability and cleanliness. Keep the advice and tips of Dr. Cam in mind, and happy shooting!