David Bailey Masterclasses David Bailey Masterclasses

David Bailey Masterclasses


Discover the many sides to Samsung NX cameras, as our David Baileys take it out of the box and into reality.

To show off the amazing capabilities of NX cameras, Samsung has created a series of Masterclasses starring the newly recruited David Baileys.

Unlike the usual heavy online videos that we have come to expect, these Masterclasses are to the point, with each class focusing on a different way to use the camera.

Each Masterclass has been inspired by the many stories that came forth while recruiting for David Baileys, who all seem to have unique ideas on how to best use one of the world’s smartest cameras.

David Baileys

There are Masterclass videos on all kinds of topics. Find out how to safely capture hostile targets in Wildlife Photography. See the power of wireless technology in Exhibiting Internationally. Learn how to bring out the subject in Street Photography. Put yourself in the picture thanks to the Self-Portrait Photography. See how you can capture all the action in Action Photography. Don’t miss a split-second shot with Never Missing the Moment. Make sure you stay on the ball with Sports Photography.

Inspired to get creative?

If reading this has inspired you to get creative, take a look at the Samsung NX range of Smart Cameras and find one that is perfect for you. It could be the start of something great.

NX300 NX300

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