To show that the Samsung NX300 really is the camera that can shoot fast, we gave one to our David Bailey photographers, who then took it out for a day of rigorous testing - we called it the NX300 Speed Challenge. Take a look at the results and discover what they had to say about the new NX300 Smart Camera.

The Challenge

To ensure that the NX300’s ability to capture speed was truly being tested, we set our David Baileys the challenge of photographing professional sprinters. In the space of 100 metres, they had to figure out how to turn raw speed into beautiful images.

With access to new features like Continuous Shooting, Super Speed Shutter, and the Advanced Hybrid Auto Focus System, our David Baileys had some creative decisions to make. And with such a short space of time to work with, the choice of feature and knowing how to use it effectively was crucial.

David Bailey Post Grad

David Bailey, Post Grad

Approach: I decided to use the wide-angle lens, as I feel it captures a whole scene and gives you a greater understanding of the elements, like speed.

Features: The Continuous Shooting feature that lets you capture eight shots at once is amazing, it is the only way to go. It gives you variety and ensures that you get a perfect shot.

Final thoughts:
There is no doubt in my mind that without the NX300 I would not have been able to capture the shots that I did. I absolutely love the camera and because I like to get amongst the action, the only problem I have is keeping it clean.

David Bailey, Teacher

Approach: I teamed up with another Bailey at the Speed Challenge. We did this because we wanted to use a trolley and capture the sprinters as they passed us. This proved to be a great creative choice and a really good laugh.

Features: We used the Auto Tracking feature, which was mentioned as just one of the many NX300 features. It actually proved to be an amazing feature. With just a press of the button, it keeps an object in focus, no matter how fast it moved - really amazing stuff!

David Bailey Teacher

Final thoughts: The NX300 really impressed me with its ability to capture speed. I was constantly noticing how it captured any shot, no matter how fast or which angle the object was travelling. It just always got it. 

David Bailey PR

David Bailey, PR

Approach: I have a passion for finer details. For this reason I decided to use a 50-100 zoom lens. I had this idea of capturing the expectation of speed, like muscle sinews tensing up just before the explosion, and also what I call the 'game face'.

Features: The Super Speed Shutter and the Touch Focus features were crucial to the way I captured the race. I didn’t always put my subjects in the centre of the screen, but I still wanted them in focus. So, together they proved to be really handy.

Final thoughts:
What gets me every time with the NX300 is its portability. It is so light, I am able to easily shoot with one hand and, thanks to tilt screen, get fantastic angles that are normally impossible. 

The Results

Take a look at the amazing photos from the day and then check out all the highlights from the NX300 Speed Challenge.

NX300 : 1/800s - f/6.3 - ISO-1600

NX300 : 1/125s - f/5.6 - ISO-200

NX300 : 1/640s - f/4 - ISO-100

NX300 : 1/5000s - f/1.4 - ISO-100

NX300 : 1/250s - f/5.6 - ISO-200

NX300 : 1/1000s - f/6.3 - ISO-1600

NX300 : 1/1000s - f/6.3 - ISO-3200

Changing the way you shoot

NX 300 product shots

The NX300 is truly changing the photography landscape with new, innovative features. Enhanced sharing capabilities are now possible thanks to the NX300’s Smart Camera App, which features Remote Viewfinder, AutoShare, and MobileLink. This NFC-enabled app delivers enhanced and streamlined control and sharing via your smartphone.

Inspired to capture beautiful images?

If the NX300 interests you, simply visit the product page and find out more about the smart camera that shoots fast and shares faster.

NX300 NX300

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