A new frontier in home entertainment has arrived. Digital set-top boxes are now loaded with not only more content, thanks to the access to channels like ITV and BBC and online sites like BBC iPlayer and YouTube, but it also provides enough recordable memory to save your favourite programmes. It is everything you have wanted from a TV.

No matter how dedicated we are to watching TV, there is always something that prevents us from enjoying a good TV session. Whether it is lack of good content or lack of time, something always gets in the way. Solving both of these problems is a digital set-top box, which not only ensure you have more to watch but also provide a way to store your favourite programmes - so that you never miss a thing.


One of the best features of a digital set-top box is without doubt the recording capabilities. Built into the unit is enough room to record your must-see TV programmes, so that you can watch them when it is more convenient. The amount of storage space varies depending on the particular set-top box; the Samsung SMT-S77800 Freesat HD PVR set-top box comes with 500GB of recordable storage. This works out at roughly 250 hours of standard definition viewing or 120 hours of high definition viewing. And with a built-in twin-tuner, you can even record one programme while watching another.


Catch up on the latest YouTube clips everyone’s talking about through your very own tailored YouTube app, which is exclusive to the Samsung set-top boxes. Having this app conveniently available through your TV set saves the hassles of having to switch to your PC or laptop. And with so much TV content now available through YouTube, such as the Channel 4 programmes, it is quite an essential tool for any decent home entertainment system. So, keeping up to date with your latest TV and viral clips has never been so easy.

So, it can said that digital set-top boxes are certainly about more than just excellent content, they also revolutionise your lifestyle and the way you interact with your TV. Features such as the Exclusive YouTube Access and amazing Recording abilities through the external hard disk drive give you greater choice and control over what you watch.