Samsung’s Most Powerful Robot Vacuums Make Cleaning Easy Samsung’s Most Powerful Robot Vacuums Make Cleaning Easy

Samsung’s Most Powerful Robot
Vacuums Make Cleaning Easy


The age of the Robot Vacuum cleaner has arrived and it's time to say goodbye to your traditional Upright or Cylinder model. In today's fast-paced world, time is a greater luxury than ever before, so how about choosing how you’d like to spend some of it? The average UK household spends 4 hours per week vacuuming so why not delegate instead and let the Robot Vacuum do it all for you?

The World's most Powerful Robot Suction

Early Robot Vacuum Cleaners simply swept the floor with brushes which more often than not resulted in poor cleaning and a greater mess. The Samsung VR9300 is however, transforming the way Robots clean with unrivalled suction power. Samsung’s technology has become so advanced; it’s now 70 times more powerful* than ever before. Its Cyclone Force system uses strong centrifugal forces to pick up and separate dirt into the outer chamber to reduce filter chopping and keep optimal suction power. This innovation makes the VR9300 the best Robot Vacuum and a must-have ally for pet hair pickup, with the HEPA filter helping friends and family suffering from allergies.

The Samsung VR9300 does it all so well it’s the World’s Most Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner**. Can you think of a more reliable cleaning partner whilst you sit back and relax?

Control at your Fingertips

Equipped with Smart Control Wi-Fi connectivity, the VR9300 allows you to control the movement and cleaning patterns of your Robot remotely, directly from your smartphone. Using the on-board digital camera, the Visionary Mapping Plus feature creates a virtual map of your entire house, creating the most efficient cleaning paths and schedules for any of your rooms. Forget about frantically rushing home to give the house a once over before the arrival of unexpected guests - you can simply use the Select & Go™ function. ‘Select and Go’ can be activated from your phone*** and lets you name specific rooms and command your Robot to immediately clean selected areas. Once complete, you’ll receive a full cleaning report, so you can adjust the route if an area is not to your liking. With VR9300, it’s more time for yourself and spotless clean results.

A new generation of robot vacuum has arrived. It’s unbeatable suction power fuelled by smart technology means that you can finally get impeccable cleaning results remotely with your smartphone***.

Black & silver model available in the UK

The upgraded FullView Sensor™ also scans and avoids obstacles larger than 10mm, meaning no risk of your Robot Vacuum getting stuck under the dining chairs or hiding behind the kitchen table, when you’re not there.

*POWERbot VR9300 was compared with the conventional VR10F71UCAC. The suction power was tested at the brush head for each model.
**Based on testing as at March 2016.
*** Wireless network required. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Where to next?

To experience the hassle-free joy of the Robot Vacuum cleaner revolution, check out the Samsung POWERbot range here.

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