What if Santa had SmartThings?


With such a great responsibility, and such a short time to do it, could there be a way to help make dear Saint Nick's life a little bit easier? We imagine what it would be like if Kris Kringle himself used SmartThings…

If Santa had SmartThings

Twinkling lights, ruddy-cheeked carol singers and plenty of presents are all on the way, and we couldn't be any more excited for Christmas time. With everyone around us getting into the festive spirit, we decided to take a moment to think about the struggles of one man who does everything he can to share joy over Christmas, a jolly fellow in red who spends all night driving his sleigh across the world to give presents to children. We are, of course, talking about Santa Claus and his many reindeer.

The alarm bell rings in the North Pole at an exceptionally early hour on a snowy Christmas Eve. Our hero of the season rubs his weary eyes and rolls out of bed. With his SmartThings Starter Kit and a few additions, he knows he's well prepared for the busiest day of his year, and it begins with his kettle automatically brewing his cocoa from his phone while still in bed to provide some much-needed energy.

With the weather outside just frightful, a smart light flashes blue*, letting him know of the fierce storm raging in Lapland. Upon seeing this, he remembers to slip on that extra jumper with the polar bear design that Mrs Claus knitted for him last year.

Before he leaves, Father Christmas makes sure to check a few things around the workshop. He uses his phone to turn down the heating throughout his home and workshop* to save some cash (which he intends to spend on treating Mrs Claus to something special). Then, he checks to see if the moisture sensor has detected any water leaks in the present room*, or if any naughty elves have been sneaking inside with the help of the Motion Sensor.

Satisfied all the gifts for the many millions of children around the world are safe and sound, Saint Nick checks the Presence Sensor on the reindeer enclosure to see if any of his trusted steeds have gone walkabout. With all the flight crew accounted for, Santa and his elves pack the sleigh full of presents, read off each reindeer's name and WHOOSH, he's on his way.

After an embarrassing number of mince pies, a tad too much sherry and a little chimney trouble, Father Christmas sets off back for the North Pole, his mission complete. En route, he pushes a button to have the SmartThings enabled slow cooker warm up his dinner ready for his arrival.

Returning to his home at a very late hour, the motion sensors in the workshop turn on the lights automatically, so Santa isn't stumbling around in the dark for the light switch. As soon as the man in red is through the door, the Presence Detector sends a message directly to Mrs Claus, letting her know of his arrival. To welcome him home, she decides to light a fire so he can warm up his poor frozen toes and melt the icicles from his beard.

With Christmas Eve long passed, Christmas Day on the horizon and no motion detected at the North Pole workshop (not even a mouse), Santa taps a button to turn off all the lights, and happily goes to his bed for a well-deserved sleep.

A smart light flashes blue, letting the big man know to wear a thicker jumper, as it is extra cold*
Santa remotely controls the workshop's heating on the sleigh, using his savings to treat Mrs Claus
When a leak is detected in the present room, it lets the man in red know straight away
The Presence Sensor keeps Santa aware if any reindeer go walkabout
The motion sensor lets Santa know if any naughty elves sneak into the present room
In the Sleigh Santa sets up his slow cooker so his dinner will be piping hot when he arrives home
Motion sensors turn on the light when Santa gets home
Poor frozen Santa get a warm fire on arrival thanks to the notification Mrs Claus gets when he arrives
With no motion detected at this North Pole workshop -Santa taps a button to turn off all the lights and goes to bed
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night! Because every home should be a smart home this Christmas find out more at samsung.com/uk/smartthings

Where to next?

The SmartThings Starter Kit comes with a hub, a motion sensor, a power outlet, a multi sensor and a presence sensor to get you going and the SmartThings app works from both iOS and Android devices.

To learn more about SmartThings visit the SmartThings hub here http://www.samsung.com/uk/smartthings/
* Additional purchase required

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