ATIV Road Test


We took successful businessman Miles Gripton out of the office to test out the ATIV S and ATIV Smart PC. Discover why he thinks the ATIV range makes the office wherever you want it to be.

Miles Away from the Office

As managing director of web design agency Devstars, staying up-to-date and using the latest technology is crucial in Miles’ professional life. The demands of his position also require a lot of time spent outside his workplace – from travelling to meet clients to a simple daily commute. It’s crucial that he can use his time effectively and be productive even without a desktop PC, Wi-Fi connection and other things we take for granted.

To truly test the ATIV S and ATIV Smart PC, it wasn’t enough to take them out of the office: we had to take them into the great outdoors. Miles put the ATIV devices through their paces at Richmond Park. The national nature reserve is one of his favourite spots to find some peace and quiet. He said “I prefer to be outside when working. I always try and avoid the mass Wi-Fi grouping of coffee shops, for instance – they’re far too noisy.”

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Getting online was simple. It only takes a few steps.

- Miles

Miles ATIV S

Staying in Touch and Connected

To get started, Miles had to connect the ATIV Smart PC to the internet - without a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot to use. The best way to do this was to tether it to the 3G connection offered by the ATIV S.

“Getting online was simple. It only takes a few steps to set up internet sharing. After that, the phone becomes a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that I can use to reach all my online files, services, emails and attachments using the ATIV Smart PC."

With both devices online, Miles could now see how the ATIV range handled communication. He wanted to know if the ATIV S and ATIV Smart PC allowed him to stay in touch using all the ways that had become indispensible in his daily life.

“The interface is so intuitive and it brings everything together. It collects your email as well as Twitter, Facebook and all your other feeds into one place. There’s no need to switch between different apps all the time – it’s all there."

ATIV connected

Handling Work Documents

Miles was very impressed by the ATIV devices’ built-in Microsoft Office suite. “This is much better than all those other mobile apps that let you work with Office documents. Not only can I write and edit Word documents easily, but even reading them is much more comfortable. The Excel functionality is superb, too. You can really tell the difference”.

“I have to be able to access all my documents whenever I need them, so the way these devices sync with SkyDrive is also great. I already use cloud storage a lot in my working life, and this fits perfectly. All my files are kept up-to-date, safely backed up, and I can get to them easily – whether I’m using the phone, ATIV Smart PC or my desktop computer in the office.”

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Not only can I write and edit Word documents easily, but even reading them is much more comfortable.

- Miles

Editing documents on the ATIV


Reliability and Versatility

The long battery life offered by the ATIV S was also something Miles remarked upon. “I’ve put the phone through some fairly intensive usage today, and the charge doesn’t seem to have drained nearly as much as it would with some others. It’s good to know that it won’t let me down. There’s nothing worse than finding out that you’re running low midway through the day and having to use your phone sparingly or not at all.”

Miles also commented on the many applications that Windows 8 devices give you access to, which now includes a range of Samsung Windows 8 apps. “In my business, I also need a lot of quite specialised apps. I find it very useful that the ATIV Smart PC lets you use all kinds of Windows applications – just like any desktop PC or laptop. With the attachable keyboard, you can use it just like you’d use those, or you can also detach it and use it like a tab.” 

After surviving working life in the wild with the ATIV S and ATIV Smart PC, we asked Miles for his overall summary. He answered: “It gives you everything you need for business on the go” 

Versatility of the ATIV

Is the ATIV range exactly what you need?

Learn more about ATIV Smart PC and ATIV S and their amazing features by visiting the web pages below.

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