Compare the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S III mini Compare the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S III mini

Compare the Galaxy S III
and Galaxy S III mini


The Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S III mini have so much in common. They both share the same design style and useful smart features. There are also a few important differences that define which is more suitable for you. Compare both phones side-by-side and get all the information you need to decide.

Shared Roots and Family Traits

Although they differ in terms of screen size, processor power and in other ways, the phenomenally popular Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S III mini were both created with the same central idea in mind. They’re inspired by nature and designed for humans. This is immediately visible in the sleek, organic aesthetic they both share, but it’s not just good looks that run in the family.

Both devices offer the Android Jelly Bean operating system, giving you access to an ever-growing wealth of apps, games, online content services and more. They also have a range of helpful smart features in common, including Smart Stay, Pop-up Play, Smart Alert and Direct Call. This new and unique functionality isn’t available on other devices. Unlike them, your Galaxy S III or Galaxy S III mini understands you and is designed to anticipate the fine details in your life that make a difference.

Take a look at the Galaxy S III Family Tree and see all the differences and similarities for yourself.

Galaxy S III Family Tree

Which is your perfect smartphone?

If you’re inspired by the Galaxy S III mini, visit the link below to learn more about it and find out where to buy. Alternatively, if the Galaxy S III is the natural choice, you can see more information and online retailer by clicking the link underneath.

GS3 and GS3 mini GS3 and GS3 mini

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