Eight days with the Galaxy Note 8.0 Eight days with the Galaxy Note 8.0

Eight days with
the Galaxy Note 8.0


Giving eight women a Galaxy Note 8.0 for eight days sounds like a tongue-twister, but that’s exactly what we did to show just how perfectly matched it is for life on the go. Discover their experiences and find out how features like Multi Window, S Pen, Reading Mode and a new compact design really helped unleash their creativity.

To kick things off, we gave model and socialite Daisy Lowe a Galaxy Note 8.0 to test out. Her non-stop lifestyle comes loaded with fashion shoots, parties and international travel, and was a perfect place to try some of the new features.

Hanging with Daisy

For someone like Daisy, a day is a long time, let alone eight days. So it is fair to say that the Galaxy Note 8.0 was given an honest workout. Her week consisted of get-togethers with friends and families, cocktails, photo shoots, a trip to the Big Apple and of course a little bit of chill out time listening to music or playing with Baxter the dog.

Take a closer look at Daisy’s week

Features such as Multi Window, which splits your screen for multitasking bliss, and lightweight design were particularly suited to Daisy’s lifestyle.

8 Days With The Note 8.0

Being able to do two things at once is part and parcel of any lifestyle; Daisy found it extremely useful when you are constantly on the go. And of course, anyone dressed in couture is going to need a device that is also stylish and lightweight, something that the Galaxy Note 8.0 really delivers.

Note 8.0 - Daisy Lowe

Whether she was travelling the globe and going to fashion shoots or simply relaxing with friends, the Galaxy Note 8.0 gave Daisy a helping hand that let her really make the most of her day.


All walks of life

Obviously you don’t have to be a fashion superstar to find the Galaxy Note 8.0 useful. Our other seven women come from a variety of professions and are equally as busy.

Anna Bance

Check out Anna Bance, co-founder of girlmeetsdress.com - she also took the Galaxy Note 8.0 for eight days. Being an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, she found the Note's features very helpful for her productivity. The S Pen and Handwriting-to-Text tool are like a match made in heaven.

Anna Bance : Note 8.0
Lyndsey Gilmour - Note 8.0

Lyndsey Gilmour

Journalist Lyndsey Gilmour writes for the free women’s weekly magazine Stylist. She found the Galaxy Note 8.0 particularly useful when preparing to interview a celebrity. Its powerful note-taking capabilities mean Lyndsey can make sure she can quickly write a detailed summary of the topics she wants to ask about.

Alex Box

Next, we gave the Galaxy Note 8.0 to Alex Box, creative director of cult makeup artists Illamasqua. With a very diverse role, she found the Galaxy Note 8.0 a valuable creative tool. It’s a great help when inspiration strikes, thanks to the high precision and the natural feel of the S Pen.

Jenny Dawson

Jenny Dawson

In the fifth week, Jenny Dawson tried the Galaxy Note 8.0. She founded Rubies in the Rubble, a company that employs disadvantaged people to produce handmade chutneys and jams from fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted. Jenny loved the Note 8.0’s split-screen multitasking as well as its lightweight, ultra portable design.

Sandia Chang

Sandia Chang

Sandia Chang experienced the Galaxy Note 8.0 in week six. Sandia is the co-founder of the Bubbledogs and Kitchen Table restaurant concepts and she discovered that the Galaxy Note 8.0's compact and lightweight design made it a practical and portable companion at work, particularly for making and checking table bookings.

Video Diaries

Explore the playlist and watch video diaries from all our featured women and see how the Galaxy Note 8.0 made a difference in their busy lives.

Interested in the Galaxy Note 8.0?

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Galaxy Note 8.0 Galaxy Note 8.0

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