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My name’s Chris Lawson. I’m the guy on the street who sees every moment through a lens. I can’t help myself – there’s just too much out there in the everyday that gets taken for granted; beautiful, funny, quirky, weird moments that I want to document in all their spontaneity. So when Samsung gave me the Galaxy S4 Zoom to play with, I jumped for joy. Literally. I opened the box and looked at this lovely new smartphone camera and jumped up and down on the spot. Then I put it in my pocket and hit the street to test it out.

Fast photos

This is the first photo I took with my shiny new Zoom. Beautiful isn’t it - that low lying sun, the silhouette of a cyclist crossing the river, shadow play on the pavement. This is the kind of photo I’d typically spend half an hour try to get, the kind of picture already created in my mind before I have the camera in my hand, and so it’s a waiting game to see if I can capture it just how I imagine. What can I say – nailed it. In one click I got the money shot. The shutter speed alone gave me the best chance of getting that clear outline of the cyclist, but the Optical Image Stabilization made it a sure thing. Shooting into the sunlight usually worries me on a mobile device, but not this time. Clever stuff. I’m really happy with this photo.

Intro Image
Social image

Real time photo sharing

I’m a sharer. That’s kind of the point of photography for me – it’s how I communicate, and I use Instagram to have an ongoing visual dialogue with a community of other happy snappers online. I have over a thousand Instragram followers so it’s important to me that I keep my end of the conversation going through a dynamic and eclectic mix of shots. I like to celebrate everyday moments, like going for a walk with some friends and grabbing some lunch with them. For me, it’s as much about sharing these moments as it is capturing the detail of them. On this occasion, I used the Galaxy S4 Zoom to call my mates and make a plan. No need for another device - amazing!

Social image 2

We met for burgers and it went like this: Snap. And. Share. So easy!

Looks like I can rely on beautiful pictures that I can share the moment they’re taken. I love it!

And I love having just one piece of kit to do everything I need.

Social image 3

Capture every colour

On one of those rare weeks in a British summer when the sun is actually shining, I thought I’d take advantage of the warmth on offer.

I asked a couple of pals to come outside with me and mess around in front of the camera so I could document their friendship with photos. I was surprised by the colour and vibrancy that the Zoom gave me in every picture, it picked up the subtle contrasts in the dappled sunlight, and the textures of the brick wall. I got all the colours of a close friendship in just three photos and shared them instantly.

social image 4
Zoom image 1

Ready for your close up?

Since it’s called the ‘Zoom’, it seemed only fair that I really put the zoom function to the test. I was blown away. The 10x optical zoom is a killer feature I didn’t expect to be so on point. I mean, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is little but it performs like a heavyweight, closing in on a far off subject without losing image fidelity. I certainly sound like a fan! It took me a little while to get used to using the touch screen  – I’m so used to grabbing at the lens of a DSLR for these kinds of shots. I love the close up of the birds on the telephone wires. It’s such a lovely memory of mine, the sound of them all chirping as they watched us settle into our tent for the night, but I couldn’t see them without looking down the lens of the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Zoom image 2
Zoom images

Rain image
blue background blue background
close quote

The GS4 Zoom turned low light to an advantage - my daughter's smile shines out over the colourful candles

Birthday image

Capture the every day perfectly

My daughter features pretty heavily in my repertoire of mobile photography. She features very heavily in my life! To me, she’s the most fascinating person on the planet, with her natural spontaneity and her sense of fun, she’s full of expression with her brilliant, bold, wonderful way of looking at the world. She’s my muse! But she’s quick on her feet, always getting up to something before I have time to get the camera on side. So this was my final test for the Galaxy S4 Zoom and it lived up to my hopes, capturing a beautiful summer moment when my little one decided to run through a fountain to cool off, and again on her birthday when the Galaxy S4 Zoom turned low light to an advantage – my daughter’s smile shines out over the colourful candles.

Want a closer look

If you’ve fallen for the Galaxy S4 Zoom, click below to buy online, or visit the product page to find out more.

And to see more from Chris Lawson, you can follow him on Instagram.

Galaxy S4 Zoom Galaxy S4 Zoom

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