Painting portraits
on Galaxy Note 8.0


We took away the traditional tools of eight artists and gave them something new to get creative with. We weren’t being mean! This was our way of demonstrating the creative potential of the Galaxy Note 8.0 - to explore how the S Pen sets it apart, by putting it in the hands of real working artists. This is their story.

Starting with a clean canvas

The Piccadilly screens make up one of London’s most iconic landmarks. So we decided to hand over the Samsung screen to eight experienced artists from around the world, so they could really show off their talents to the thousands of people that visit Piccadilly Circus every day. The challenge we set them was to paint portraits of passers-by using the Galaxy Note 8.0.

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Creativity takes courage

- Henri Matisse


Piccadilly – we have a problem

After their crash course, it was time for our pros to take the Galaxy Note 8.0 out on the streets of London. With four street portrait artists and four comic book artists we had just one snag – the weather forecast. Torrential rain was on the way - a typical British summer, just in time for our big outdoor event. Could we take cover? We scouted indoor locations in the area and found a café close by with a second floor studio overlooking the Eros status.

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Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a sharp knife it.

- Banksy

Piccadilly 02

Getting creative

Crisis averted, our smiling Samsung ambassadors set out to find willing muses for our artists to paint. They wandered through the transient crowd at Piccadilly Circus and invited visitors to take part in Galaxy Note 8.0 Portraits. As the big, bold artworks started to appear on the screen, all eyes were on the portraits appearing overhead and our little café studio started to get very busy.

Faces on the big screen

Everyone was surprised to see how quickly portraits could be created, how detailed and intricate some of them were. The artists made it look easy, but the Galaxy Note 8.0 is very responsive and the S Pen allows precision a paintbrush would be jealous of. Though the weather held for much of our event, there were occasions when rain-drenched visitors found solace inside with our artists, delighted later to return to the damp outdoors to see their colourful faces on the big screen above them; a little moment of fame, of surprise and wonder.

Twitpic portraits

We didn’t just limit the event to Piccadilly visitors; Twitter helped us to make muses of people everywhere. The day before our event we’d invited Twitpic submissions and, as hundreds of faces were tweeted our way, some of our artists devoted their time to creating Galaxy Note 8.0 Portraits for our followers online. Every picture painted went up on the big screen and, when we sent out the photos, the enthusiastic Twitter response blew us away. With a social reach of 1.77 million, the campaign got some great PR, too, and the story was covered online by publications like Creative Review and Drum.

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@SamsungMobileUK #Note8Portraits Creative and stylish...clever, clever!


The Drum - Creative Review
Piccadilly portraits
S Pen friends

Making S Pen friends

At the beginning of this challenge, a few of the artists had expressed their concerns about being good enough to do the Galaxy Note 8.0 justice – the technology was new to them and they didn’t want to let down the people they were painting.

But the artists quickly made friends with the Galaxy Note 8.0. Using the S Pen not only became as natural as drawing with a pencil or painting with a paintbrush, it also offered up interesting digital techniques as part of the S Note package, inspiring our artists to try new things.

S Pen friends

Meet the artists

Our talented creative professionals come from all over the world to work in London.

Left to right: Guido, Portrait artist; Lee Townsend, Comic artist, Dan Avenell, Comic artist; Galina Kirk, Portrait artist; Chie Kutsuwada, Manga artist; David Ramos, Caricaturist; Russel M. Hossain, Cartoonist; George Georgiev, Caricaturist

It moves you

Many of our muses tried their hand at creating an artwork on the Galaxy Note 8.0, too, finding out for themselves just how intuitive it is using the S Pen. If our artists have inspired you to get creative, find out more about what the Galaxy Note 8.0 can offer you.

Galaxy Note 8.0 Galaxy Note 8.0

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