Samsung Sessions at Boxpark Samsung Sessions at Boxpark

Samsung Sessions at Boxpark


Once again, the Samsung Galaxy Shoreditch Studio in Boxpark has re-invented itself, and this time it’s all about film. In partnership with Dazed Vision, Samsung is showcasing outstanding creativity in the world of film, while also presenting its own cutting-edge technology. Discover what’s happening and how you can get involved.

Samsung and Dazed Vision

To create a truly insightful film experience, Samsung has invited three Visionaries from Dazed Vision into their Galaxy Studio – BRTHR, ISLE and FACTORY FIFTEEN.

These Visionaries are part of the Dazed Vision initiative where both established and emerging artists are commissioned to create original artwork within the field of film.


“We want to celebrate, promote and give a platform to people doing different things. And we chose film as that format,” Ravi Amaratunga says, Head of Dazed Vision.

Each Visionary will have a week in the Samsung Galaxy Studio. In this time they will present bespoke artwork, including film and music, and will even open up their creative process to include people who visit the studio.

“A lot of this stuff is preview, so people will have the chance to see stuff that has never been seen before, It’s going to be a real ride,” Ravi says.

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I think the ethos of Samsung technology is totally representative of where Dazed is at right now and what we’re doing, and we’re totally embracing mobile viewing… I think it is a really timely partnership.”

Ravi, Had of Dazed Vision.

Boxpark Factory Fifteen
Boxpark BRTHR

What's there to do?

If film is your thing, then there is so much for you to do at the Samsung Galaxy Studio. For those who like to sit back and observe, there is exclusive content, like the 15-second films created using Samsung devices and inspirational Mix-tapes provided by the Visionaries to download exclusive in the space. Furthermore, each Visionary will host an event at Boxpark to celebrate their week in the Studio, which will feature an introduction from Dazed Vision and Q&A with respective artists.

Check out some of the great performances that have already taken place at the Shoreditch Studio.


GEMS - Pegasus (Official Video)

MS MR - Think of You

Cris Cab - Paradise (On Earth)

petit fantôme - Teahupoo (TE AHU POO)

Royal Canoe - Bathtubs (Official Video)


Doldrums - She is the Wave

Dazed Vision x BRTHR

However, if you’re someone who likes to get a little more hands-on and creative, then there’s plenty to do:

- Enjoy having your photo taken and create your own album cover for your chance to win prizes.
- Feature in a Dazed Digital short video creation – previous examples of this suggest that this would be a little of fun.
- Create your very own Promo Box in the Studio, which could feature on Dazed Digital Homepage.

“If you are culturally curious, there is something to see; the stuff we’ve got is out of this world… and really of the moment,” Ravi.

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I think Samsung are real technological trailblazers, in terms of hardware and the kit they’re putting out now."

Ravi, Head of Dazed Vision.

Boxpark interior

What is Boxpark?

In 2011, the shoppers of East London were exposed to a retail experience like nothing else found in the UK – it was called Boxpark.

Constructed out of stripped and refitted shipping containers, it is a unique destination that allows for a mix of fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries, cafés and restaurants to exist side by side.

From global brands to local pop-up stores, it is a shopping centre that embraces the street lifestyle that surrounds it.

Samsung devices in Action!

Home to the latest range of Galaxy devices, like tablets, smartphones and the new Note 3, the Galaxy Shoreditch Studio is a place to not only see, but also learn about some of the latest techniques in filmmaking. Check out what we’ve captured so far. 

Discovering the creative power of the Galaxy Note 10.1.

A Galaxy Note 10.1 demonstration in the Galaxy Studio.

Print exhibition by creative duo, BRTHR.

Amazing skate ramp projections by ISLE Skateboards.

Action shot by creative collective ISLE Skateboards.

Scene from Factory 15 short film – ‘Chupan Chapai’.

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Beats at Boxpark

Before embracing film, Samsung gave its Shoreditch Galaxy Studio a music-inspired makeover, transforming it into a 1990s-themed vinyl record store with a twist of electronic dance.

This was part of Samsung’s on-going culture-led projects that show off the creative potential of their cutting-edge technology.

“Our objective in opening the Samsung Galaxy Shoreditch Studio is to show the large creative community in East London the creative capabilities of our range of Galaxy devices,” Ines van Gennip, Marketing Director, Samsung said.

In partnership with Mixmag, Samsung cranked up the electronic dance sessions with live performances from some of the UK’s best DJs including Greco Roman, Defected, Hospital and Anjunabeats.

Check out some of the great performances.

High Contrast x Etherwood

Hospital Records & London Elektricity

Noir: International DJ

Defected Records

TCTS Mixmag DJ Lab


See for yourself

If you’re a self-confessed film buff, then don’t miss this amazing partnership between the Samsung Galaxy Shoreditch Studio and Dazed Vision. It really shows where film is at and how much potential there is in new filmmaking technologies and techniques found with Samsung’s latest Galaxy range.

Come and join us, There's a lot going on in the box.

Unit 4 & 5, BOXPARK, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY

Boxpark demo Boxpark demo

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