Take a peak into Samsung’s Futurescape Take a peak into Samsung’s Futurescape

Take a peek into Samsung’s Futurescape 2014


Futurescape is a chance for industry leaders to experience real-life technology solutions in immersive environments, specifically designed for the world the business-to-business customer lives and breathes. Discover what was revealed at Futurescape 2014.

Futurescape 2014

Take a look at Samsung’s latest business-to-business solutions and hear what some of the industry’s most respected leaders had to say about Futurescape 2014.


The future of travel

From bus stops to inflight entertainment, Samsung innovations are helping to revolutionise the way we get about. And considering the predicted increase of city populations and, with this, a new era of ‘Mass Transit Generation’, these new travel solutions are more relevant than ever before.

Here’s a sneak preview into Samsung’s vision of a frictionless and more personalised travel experience.

Futurescape travel

Airports: Relaxation begins before you’ve even stepped on to the plane with Samsung’s easy-to-use self check-in and bag-drop solutions. And forget having to crane your neck or search out screens to check when your flight is boarding – just download your live flight information to your phone.

Trains:  With up-to-the-minute journey information and advancements in NFC technology, your train journey experience is about to get easier and more informed. For travellers, this means that their mobile devices will become their travel tickets, while buying supplies from the trolley will be a whole new experience thanks to digital screens and mobile payment systems.

Bus stops: Samsung’s interactive screen solutions will keep passengers entertained and engaged before they’ve even got on the bus. And with built-in cameras using face recognition technology, the interactive bus stop can be a tailored experience. From the latest news to real-time information, you’ll probably forget that you’re waiting for a bus.

Business in the 21st century

The boardroom: Whoever’s presenting, don’t waste time on loose wires and unfathomable connections to displays. Get hooked up fast and share. Add to this the new high-tech conferencing solutions, and workers from across the globe are able to work together seamlessly, just like they were side by side.

The office: Gone are the days of restrictive individual workstations. Samsung’s vision is of huddle areas where your data follows you, wherever you go and on whatever device you use.

Research shows that more and more employees are using their personal mobile devices as a work device, both in and out of the office. Entrepreneur and star of Dragon's Den, James Caan, said: "Since starting to run my own businesses, I've seen how far technology has come in terms connecting employees and how the strive for work-life balance has become a selling point for many employers."

Customer engagement: Transform the way you communicate with your customers with Samsung’s innovative video walls. From finding a car that’s right for you on life-size interactive screens to ordering your coffee from your mobile device while in the queue, consumers have never had so much power in their hands.

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